I try to remove power and i2c and buzzer connector without sucess.

Power socket braked

Buzzer socket braked

I2c socket brake from board

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My Pixhawk equipped Traxxas Slash rover runs over a pretty bumpy test course (lots of vibration) and has suffered several rollovers and curb impacts without a mating connector ever coming loose.


TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

''???must be something wrong with your setup than...If I understood you correct,thats science fiction...sorry cant believe that happened....

Xian06,Do you have Log from that flight?

only explanation could be one of your prop broke and pull them out..

I would bet it was the inpact they ripped the connectors out. Especially the GPS/compass.

Since Jiro is using my previous video I accept your challenge! The only thing I can't use the pry tool on is the I2C splitter board. If they cased the splitter board I'd have something to pry against. 


Hi Scott

I purchase iPhone repair kit that includes removal tool, after seeing your video.

That is great video. Thanks.

Nice....I will get one

The plastic pry tools was something I stumbled upon on accident. I couldn't find a screw driver on my desk to remove the DF13's. Instead I grabbed the pry tool I had previously used on a phone and gave it a try. The results are the two videos posted.

I've mentioned it on the developers list that I'd gladly pay extra if they were included in the kit. I'm tempted to buy a 10 pack and drop it off with the flight services team at 3d Robotics.


When will 3DR get their act together BEFORE releasing kit  my first Pixhawk bricked and the leads were crap.The  replacement is  sitting in a draw until the firmware is sorted .Pixhawk was supposed to be user friendly, who wants to have to listen to bleeps and  try to remember what they mean.

Ime sticking to A.P.M.   it might be at the limit of its scope, but it works. After paying £150  for a controller ime f****d if ime going to start etching boards, thats why i bought a complete unit.


no, their pixhawk is not yet listed in their online shop. They are at the PCB testing phase right now and we still have to wait a few weeks. You can go on their forum in the "new product ideas" section and you will find the topic about their "pixhawk made in France"

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