A major supplier of 3DR products here in the UK has just informed me that Pixhawk will not be re-stocked as it is being discontinued. I've heard similar rumblings elsewhere but then others say they are just false rumours. Any thoughts from anyone on this forum?

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I'm not interested in an built-in pixhawk2 in Solo, just the flight controller as a standalone component : that does not exist yet or am I wrong ? If it does not exist,  when it comes out, it will be a first run product.

PixRacer has still some hardware issues, even if small ones, not only sw, as per the following thread http://diydrones.com/forum/topics/pixracer-with-ardupilot?id=705844...

I'll let Philip Rowse reply to the PixHawk 2 availability.

I can only comment on the specifics of the PixRacer. If they had a hardware problem, I would expect to see the same problems with PX4 flightstack users. This is just not the case. Ardupilot support for the PixRacer is maturing, these issues will disappear. Obviously, if there is a defective part (which there will be), that can hardly be attributed to a flawed hardware design.

ehh I bought 2 weeks ago a Pixhawk and now info that new one will be in the next few weeks... ;)

Confirm. I did around 90 batteries since february on my sample builds F450,Robocat 270 and Cheerson CX-20 mainly with PX4 and I didnt notice hardware issues. One demo of feb.



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