A major supplier of 3DR products here in the UK has just informed me that Pixhawk will not be re-stocked as it is being discontinued. I've heard similar rumblings elsewhere but then others say they are just false rumours. Any thoughts from anyone on this forum?

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We actually announced the Pixhawk plans last year right here, so there should be no need for speculation. Pixhawk 1 is being replaced by a new, smaller and improved Pixhawk (100% compatible, but with improved sensors and processors) in the next few weeks.  Plus improved radios, GPS, and all the rest of the Pixhawk kit.

We'll continue to stock the original Pixhawk 1 for as long as stock remains, which should be another six months or so. But as others have pointed out, there are many very good Pixhawk-compatible boards out there for people who want to stick with something closer to the original form factor. 

That a good news Chris !

One year is a long time and it seems to me that in the meantime things were changed .
3DR seems to abandon the DIY market preferring Solo solutions in an obvious challenge vs Dji.

There are many manufacturers of Pixhawk hardware but it is a fact that 3D Robotics Pixhawk is a reference .
A new improved 3DR Pixhawk  is important for all the DIYmarket.

Thanks for your reply Chris, that's certainly good news! I did have a bad experience with a clone Pixhawk and therefore prefer 3DR products, so I'll wait for the new version.


It is there. You just have to look hard. They have a very non-intuitive site. http://www.virtualrobotix.it/index.php/it-IT/shop-virtualrobotix

I recommend the vr ubrain 5.2. Tiny footprint.

If you look at dronecode, the Phantom 4 features are in development, Video over WiFi (latencyhas always been an issue for FPV), Collision Avoidance, Vision Processing....

As I see it we need a multi-core multi-threaded OS, where different things can run at different priority. So I guess this is the direction we are goign, a Linux based auto-pilot.

Good news Chris and I look forward to it.

Can you confirm that "100% compatible" means that includes all the same IO functionality as Pixhawk?  (ie: 14 PWM, 4 UART, CAN, I2C, SBUS Out, etc. etc. )

Or is this more like the Pixfalcon?

The form factor is similar to the Pixfalcon, but the sensors and processors are new. But yes, it's only 100% software compatible. We looked at the actual usage of Pixhawk 1 and included the ports that 99.9% of users actually used. So if you really need that 4th UART (I've yet to meet that person, but they may be out there!), we recommend you stick with the original one.

Stick with the original one that will be discontinued once stock runs out?

I assume that it is more than just that 4th UART that has been removed?  What about the 3rd, and 2nd?  CAN?  SBUS Out?  How many PWM's?  Analog in?  I guess we'll have to wait to find out.

Sounds a lot like the PixRacer

Yep.  In a case.

Hi Chris, if you don't mind,

Over the past several months there has been much talk and plans of the Pixhawk 2 being released as a standalone autopilot for things other than the Solo.

Has this been sidelined or abandoned?

It sounds good that you will be making a new streamlined (consumer marketish) version, but the interesting stuff for us would have been the more capable version designed to work with auxiliary processors (that support 3D vision for instance).

I know you guys are moving into new commercial territory, but DIYD is still primarily about innovation, not the status quo.

Best Regards,


Gary, Pixhawk 2 is now being released by a Dronecode team (see this for more). 

3DR will of course release higher performance autopilots that include computer vision ability in the future, and we've been pretty public about our work with Qualcomm on this. But this thread is just about the next steps in the Pixhawk line, which is designed to work with outboard companion computers for those functions. 


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