A major supplier of 3DR products here in the UK has just informed me that Pixhawk will not be re-stocked as it is being discontinued. I've heard similar rumblings elsewhere but then others say they are just false rumours. Any thoughts from anyone on this forum?

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Hey, I'm one of those guys :)

1. Main data-link to companion computer

2. Backup long-range telemetry link for BLOS operations

3. GPS

4. FrSky telemetry for the pilot.

(Isn't there also a fifth UART port, used as a console?)

Thanks for the heads up though. Looking forward to more info on this new model.

Thank you for the response Chris,

I can't think of a more qualified person than Philip, I missed that post.

Thank you for clarifying both Pixhawk 2 and 3DR threads, I look forward to seeing what 3DR and Qualcomm mange to cook up.

Seems like there should be plenty of performance to go around.



I am still going ahead with organising the Pixhawk 2 Gary, this is a Dev team project now, and unrelated to 3DR. It is full featured and %100 software compatible with Pixhawk 1. In fact, it runs the EXACT same firmware!

Significant proceeds from making Pixhawk 2 will go to fund the development team.

That's code for this will be the place to buy from to ensure development for all ;-)

Well said Philip!

4. can be T-ed off from a TX line from 1. or 2. I even triple split and hook up lines to an OSD and Frsky telemetry via teesny from one telemetry port.

Good point.

Whats about the CUAV Pixhack? I like the internal IMU damping. Have an aluminium version in use, looks very awesome. but the aluminium is very difficult to get... any sources?

if anybody is looking for Pixhawks - we are still selling those on UAV store :-)


is it fully compatible with APM:Copter or does it require a VirtualRobotix compilation ?

+Felix, you have a great shop in Europe. I might stock up on some more Pixhawk boards before they disappear.

I'm worried that the overlap period is very (too) short between the leftover stock of Pixhawk board and the next so-called Pixhawk 2 that is promised to us for years now without a planning and without any design file publication (just teasing pictures). I have my doubts that when Pixhawk2 will come out it will be bug free; there will undoubtfully be a long required maturation period to iron out all of the issues users will find out in real use cases(just like it is now the case with Pixracer and its multiple hardware revisions and still not stable nor mature). Multiple hardware revisions will also be required for the new Pixhawk 2 to get something as well under control and as "well known" with its limitations as is the current Pixhawk1.

I prefer to have a well known less capable Pixhawk1 in my ships, knowing exactly where are the limits and pitfalls rather than rush to a new hardware than is not tested as much apart from a few beta users.

Therefore I believe it might be a good strategy to stock up on these Pixhawk1 boards, because soon people will chase them eagerly when tey'll realize they have to wait a long time still before getting a stable revision of the Pixhawk 2.

Maybe I'm just being too pessimistic (or is it realistic), only future will tell.


The PixHawk 2 is inside every Solo. It is hardly a first run product.
The PixRacer has had 1 minor hardware revision since the production boards were released. I think you meant to say, the software issues for the PixRacer are being ironed out.



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