Anyone succeeded to install external LEDs on Pixhawk?

On APM we could configure the param Led_mode to a binary value representing which actions turn LEDs on A5 and A6.

Is there an equivalent feature on Pixhawk? Found nothing in the wiki about it.

Thx for any info,


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Sorry, Ivars for the very late reply. I totally missed this one.

So I just confirmed the firmware flasher feature (still) works for me.

During the flash procedure does the progress bar at the bottom of the flasher show any progress? There could be issues with MavpixelGUI's internet access. Check your firewalls, proxies and permissions.

Anyway, not a problem. Download Mavpixel21beta.hex from https://github.com/prickle/Mavpixel/releases and use the local file option in the flasher to get it on the board.

Good luck,


Ivars Borsteins said:

I have downloaded and installed MavpixelGUI v1.0.0.0 and after installing arduino 1.0.6 to fix a "cannot find libusb0.dll" error was able to initiate the firmware flashing procedure.  Problem is, I only get to the downloading firmware stage and it seems to just hang up there.  Is it possible to download just the hex file from somewhere and use it to manually flash the pro mini board?

Nick said:

First release of MavpixelGUI is now available.

Download from: http://github.com/prickle/MavpixelGUI/releases/tag/v1.0-beta

Please note that you can now use the Firmware Flasher in MavpixelGUI to flash Arduino Pro Minis into Mavpixels much more easily than using the Arduino IDE as previously suggested.

Documentation will appear slowly over the next few weeks. For now, a very quick guide to getting started can be found in the Help->About window.

Remember this is pre-release software and is likely to contain many silly bugs I would like to find. Some minor features may not work yet. Please report any issues, problems, suggestions or comments.

Please ask questions. Your interest will help guide the documentation to focus on the user's needs.

Good luck and happy flying.


Thanks Nick! I think the 2 mavpixels idea (duh for me!) will make it work perfectly :)

Actually, I think I will use a 7bit ring alternative, which will be much simpler to wire.

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

hello everyone
ive being trying for qute a while now to emulate toshiba led with an arduino
initaly i had problems with the arduino protocol
i used this git repo :


Use Adafruit Neopixel LEDs as external indicator LEDs for Ardupilot - sgofferj/Ardupilot-Neopixel

this helped a lot to clear out
how the protocol was working , but the issue is that neo pixels are expensive .
so i went ahead to use ws2801`s the software is in a realy earlly stage , but works
tested on a pixhawk 1 with arducopter 3.6



this is an emulator of the toshiba led on the 3DR PixHawk flight controler family , creates a compatible signal for ws2801 leds [early beta stage] - finos2/PixHawk-i2c-to-Ws2801-bridge

this is the first vesrion of the workign code . feel free to test it and point any bugs


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