I had a disturbing experience yesterday. I was test flying my Hex and after a few successful hovers, a little PID tuning, and running through a few flight modes, I decided to let it stretch it's wings a little more.

On a fresh charge, I put it into Loiter, took it up a couple hundred feet, did a slow 360 and then slowly moved it forward.

Then, All of a sudden, the Hex sped up, headed toward the river, then banked to the right, spun around and put itself into a field about a quarter mile away.

Fortunately, no-one was hurt, and the Hex itself only suffered a couple broken arms and a prop - but needless to say, I'm quite concerned and want to get to the bottom of this before taking it out again.

I've uploaded the flight video to youtube at http://youtu.be/sc4UqOOiUUQ

I'm also attaching the flight log files.

I don't doubt it's related to something I did (or failed to do) and any insight would be greatly appreciated.



In case it helps - here the vehicle specs


Tarot 680 (Carbon) Hex frame.

Sunnysky V3508 380KV motors

5S 4000mah Zippy Lipo

3DR Pixhawk, 3DR 915Mhz Telemetry & 3DR GPS unit

Futaba 14GS Radio

Mavlink connection to Droidplanner 2 on a Nexus 7

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Big difference with the segway though.  Two dimensional space vs three dimensional space.  And when the segway detects a malfunction, it can just stop.  We need to detect a problem and keep going.

Other flyaway events, diagnoses, and resolutions on DIY Drones can be found consolidated as links here.

If you use a computer running Mission planner, APM Planner or an android tablet/phone running Droid Planner or Andropilot along with the 3dr Radio you can track your crafts position as long as you have reception. People say the telemetry is usually good up to a mile with the stock antennas. When I fly I use my Samsung Note 3 and the radio. I like it because I can put the phone in my pocket and have the radio hang out using an OTG cable. It also gives me another log file to look at if I need to review. If by chance I lost my aircraft I could locate the last position the ground station received using the Droid Planner or Andropilot.

I also like using these because it tells me how good my GPS reception is by reporting the HDOP. With a HDOP greater than 2 I would not put it in any flightmode that requires GPS. 

Per the log file it was Arducopter version 3.1.3.

Only for processors significantly faster than the AVR on APM2.

thanks, just what I needed to know :) the more I read about ArduPilot/Copter and get into the community the more excited I am, just wish I hadn't spent 3k on a custom Naza build before discovering you guys! I think I'm gonna do a scratch build now following one of the guides, but completely built with the APM ecosystem in mind. I want to run long-range missions in remote areas (fence checking, livestock monitoring etc), and I need a rock-solid telemetry link and monitoring that it looks like I can get from this ecosystem for a fraction of the price for equivalent from DJI. thanks!

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