I'm having difficulties getting anything to work out of my i2c port. I talked to tech at 3d robotics and did a bunch of tests, we were unable to figure out the failure. I cannot get anything working from this connection on the board. Everything else works fine, my airspeed, external MAG, LED all do not work. The GPS works but not the MAG. I'm running latest firmware with mission planner. I checked voltage from the port and am getting correct 5v and 3.3v from the wires but for some reason I am unable to use any external device. I've tried several different cables.

Anyone have any suggestions? I'm at the point of buying a new pixhawk to solve this problem.

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Also should mention that this board has not been flown yet, it is new.
Were you able to solve this? I'm having the same problem with my new Pixhawk and don't really know how to solve it.

Yes I got it to finally work after resetting all perimeters for the pixhawk in mission planner. This seemed to be the only way to fix it, tired everything that 3dr recommended.


I had to apply the same solution to a Pixhawk where the I2C bus would not startup. Resetting all the parameters to the default values did the trick. Then you can reload your saved parameter file to get going again.



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