It looks pretty good, but don't know will it open source the PCB files.

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Where's the link?

It's not start selling for now. These pictures are from their fans group.

I'm actually really looking forward to this one.  I've been crying for something like this for years.  And it will even have a nice aluminum case too.

I'm not sure how well that vibration damping system will work though.  I guess we'll have to wait and see.

What is that ? no name ? no link ? what do we see on these pictures ?

I will update the detail that I know in next days.

Yeah, this one is what I'm talking about.

I also worry about the vibration damping system.

It's hard to tell if it's plastic (no way it'll work) or maybe a super soft silicone rubber (maybe).

uff i`m so glad they stopped shipping the pixhawk.

this looks way better!

@3dr: look at this! everything in a box, small and tidy!!! i will continue buying your autopilot systems as soon as you come up with something like this!

From the rcgroups post, this is yet another Chinese pixhawk alternative board from a so called CUAV company which apparently does not have a web site. The cost indicated on rcgroups will be about 180$ which is too high vs the original.

Connector type is not known nor its mechanical robustness, a metallic casing might disturb the compass, there are apparently no servo line electrical protections.

Weight and size are said to be the same as pixhawk, so no gain there.

Caution, caution...

I have tried almost every brand of flight controller over a decade. Micropilot, DJI, 3DR and a number of other Chinese systems. One thing I have learned is that the value is not necessarily in the functionality, it's in the maturity. i.e.;

1) The number of users

2) The available on-line support (forums, FAQ, instructions - regularly updated).

3) The availability of parts

4) The freely available database of known issues.

5) The well structured software update and documentation process.

You can jump to something that looks shiny and new. The grass is always greener. However, everytime you jump, you have to ensure that the additional functionality/value you perceive is there outweighs the crashes/learning curve/frustration/investment in time and effort that it requires.

5 years ago we were paying thousands and thousands of dollars for small autopilots that did not have the functionality of the Pixhawk. Other than the fact that you can't actually buy them at the moment, why on earth would you chase something else for a few dollars saving?

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