It looks pretty good, but don't know will it open source the PCB files.

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@ausdroid:  I wholeheartedly agree with your points. I feel for the people who have been at this for awhile. It seems that things that are now easy used to take more patience & money. I hope the future of open sourced products will get easier to organize in respect to structured software and the documentation process. That being said, the Chinese have a great opportunity to make improvements on what is already available.

I have seen in Taobao,but I do not think open source pcb file.

I know this is an old thread but in my limited experience with this board, the vibration isolation system being used doesn't work well.  It's appeared on the Copter-3.3 beta testing thread and it's very high vibration levels are so bad I've used the logs from the copter involved as a worst-case example on the Measuring Vibration wiki page.

On the plus side, it's allowing us to test the EKF in very high vibration environments :-).

Anyway, I guess my advice for people is stick with the simple 3M foam solution unless the alternative has real testing behind it to prove it works better.

Randy, do you still have a direct link to the vibe data handy? I get lost in 250+ pages.

And did you try using foam or gel on the daughter board instead of the included silicone spacer for vibration isolation? Even if execution is bad, the concept is sound.

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