After calibrating the gps and accel several times I still have a left roll on my quad, I run a Taranis tx with a X8R rx on 4S battery. I was told that my compassmot was not set correctly but after several resets it still moves left with the right stick centered. And I have re-calibrated my radio many times over. Any other suggestions before i smash this crappy thing.

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I just checked your vibes (accel noise band with) and it is excellent. It's better than my quad and I have very carefully balanced props. If you used the foam mounts that came with the PH then your fine. I wouldn't change a thing. Open your .bin file with Mission Planer with the "Data Flash Logs" button and click the "Review a Log" button and you should see the logs you have downloaded. When the file opens you will see all the various data to choose on the right. Click the box for what you want to graph. Play with it and you'll figure it out. I don't think you have any problems. Do an autotune on a calm day. Read the wiki again before auto tune. It can take a while so just do roll pitch first and then do yaw. Every thing you need to know is in there. Be patient and be prepared. Don't be in a hurry. I have been flying my first quad (650 Tarot with 15" props) for almost a year now and have never had a crash. Be safe and have fun :)

I am using a piece of memory foam I got from an upholstery shop. And I thought that I was getting too much vibration from it off the frame. But I guess its better than the foam from 3DR then. Yea I did not get to do an auto tune the first time around but I will do one this time. I was really trying to get the first 3 modes down pat before moving on to another mode. Then if the vibrations are good I will keep the foam in place.

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