PIXHAWK - Mission planning - ultrasound distance measurement.

Hey out there,

I have build a quadrocopter with a DJI NAZA m V2 flight controller but I would like to build a new one with a Pixhawk flight controller because I want to build in a distance Measurement with utrasound.

The reason why is that I want to when I use the mission planner that the drone can see if there is an obstacle in front of it and if there is it has to find out what to do.


The drone fligh in a hight of 10 meters and there i a tree that i can't fligh tru. The drone has to stop for excemple 5 meters before the tree and rise until it cant pass the tree.

Is that possible with a Flight controller like the PIXhawk and how do i build it??


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Hey Francisco,

Many thanks for the link.. What I can read out of this page the Measurement is for hight and not for distance. Do you know if there is made something for the Pixhawk that can stop the drone if it for ex has a tree infront of the drone??


I found this thread, it might be worth of a read to you.


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