I think about the possibility of using Pixhawk flight controller for my project (https://flying-bike2018.com/home/) instead of DJI Ace One. Because DJI stopped his support.
But I read that there are Pixhawk controllers from different manufacturers.

Who can tell - how big are the differences in reliability and stability of the original and copies?

And how to determine which is the original?

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The best source for the original Pixhawk is the original producers, which you can now get here

For the more advanced version, I recommend Pixhawk 3

Both work great, but it just depends on whether you want the higher precision of the newest sensors. 

Thank you!

New and accurate sensors are great!

But me, since I need a controller for a copter with a person on board (https://flying-bike2018.com/home/), first of all the stability of work, the absence of bugs and the possibility of stability of hanging.

The rest of the functions are secondary to me.

For Pixhawk 3 any sensors (GPS, optical, ultrasonic and others) are suitable or do you need some special ones?

If you have any advice or ideas, I'll be grateful.

I should mention to you there is no such thing as clones wen dealing with Pix hawk, APM, PX4, flight controller. The product is open source project any one can make the product! The issue is that some chines manufactures use inferior components & sell the products very cheep, keep in mind you get what you pay for  buy from only people who support what they sell! http://pixhawk.com/

Thank you! That's what I wanted to know!

And there is information on specific manufacturers - whose products are of the highest quality? Whom does it make sense to buy?

any one who supports what they sell ; if you can get help with issue good start! 

not all the shops listed here will talk to you at lest you can complain here on the forum.


Excellent! Thank you!

Hey Igor, Drotek is a France based company that only make top quality components and respond to inquiries after sale. I purchased a GPS module from them a few years ago and the offered good support. The GPS its self was perfect too.

Thank you so much! Be sure to remember!

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