Hi Guys 

I'm looking into buying a Pixhawk and I found a product on a South African Site that looks like this

The Description on the site says its a PixHawk 2.4.3. I looks different to the product on 3DR's site though. 

My Questions:

1. Is this a clone?

2. Are there any reasons why I should not buy a clone and rather stick the original 3DR product. 

3. Are clones normally supposed to be cheaper ... because this one is for sure not cheaper ... It costs the same as 3DR 

Kind regards

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It is a clone. The
.. Main reason to buy a clone would be to save money. If it's not cheaper, I wouldn't personally consider it

Definitely a clone. I presume that they have been capitalising on the export restrictions that 3DR have been facing. 3DR are now shipping again to a limited number of countries including South Africa. If you are interested in a clone then cost should definitely be one of the deciding factors. If the prices were similar and if there are no issues with availability, I would be choosing the 3DR version.

Thank you guys for all the replies. 

I'll rather order from 3DR and hope the import duties aren't too high. 

But where in SA can i find a complete 3dr pixhawk kit ?

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