Hi everyone!!

Today Pixhawk (latest Arduplane) rebooted twice. Once I heard it plaing music tones while it was in the air in Stab mode(lost connection with GCP had to land). And then second time while autotake off in Auto mode. https://youtu.be/vuOHnHxoKYA

What could that be? Did I do somthing wrong with settings? Wires and everything been done proffesionally, no shortcuts and loose wires.

Please help!

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Oh and 15 and 16.log is the first flight-reboot.



Have you installed the 5.6vdc zener diode on the Pixhawk servo output power bus rail per ArduPlane Wiki instructions Link?

Servo (digital are worse than analog) induced voltage spikes on the servo output power bus, which the Pixhawk uses as a secondary power input, can cause the Pixhawk to reset.



My Pixhawk is powered through Power Port by 5V bec with Attopilot current sensor. And I just found out that servos were povered by 5.8V from Esc BEC via servo rail(Main OUT) and theres no zener diode, and I have digital servos... I didnt know this coz someone else was assembling plane for me. So today we unpluged all red wires(+5.8V) out of servo rail and connected Esc BEC red wire with servos red wires without connecting them to pixhawk. So no Pixhawk doest not have any power at servo rail(main out rail) and its only power by stable 5V bec through main power port.

Wont be able test fly for next week but I think should be ok now. Thank you so much for help!!!!

This happened to me I believe the other day. 650 Size quad. 100 feet up, full gimbal setup. Destroyed almost everything. Has anyone come up with any leads? 

Check your power setup. 


If you are powering your gimbal setup off of the Pixhawk servo output bus power rails using a BEC, you definitely need the zener to prevent power spikes from either the servos or brushless motors on your gimbals from causing the Pixhawk to reset.



I have excellent solder joints, heat shrink, no loose wires, and fiver power supplies going to the pixhawk. The 3dr power module, and four ESC. :-/ I don't think this was the problem. Although it would make me kick myself that was the problem it sure would make me feel better that I knew what caused the devastating crash. The crash was so hard and everything was in so many pieces there was no way to diagnose the problem. I was in Auto mode also. Running 3.3 Rc1 firmware. Link coming soon to the log files. Please take a look and see if you can see anything wrong. 

Thanks for the reply, and no the only thing plugged into the rails on my pixhawk is the ppm input and four escs. the gimbal is powered from a 12v BEC back at the battery, and the gimbal signal wires are plugged directly into my RX. Just posted some log files above if you good at looking over those. 

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