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Hi again..  I need help..I have 6s (main lipo) with Attopilot 180A. But now,  I want to connect for minimosd(on telemetry 2) and gimbal power via 3dr power modul with 3s.. How can I connect piwhaxk to 3DR power modul. I dont know via ADC3.3 or ADC6.6? Power modul has 6 pin but ADC 6.6 has 3 pin. How can I connect.. Thanks..Sorry bad englsih.

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  • you can not use 3DR power module with 6s battery max battery with 3dr is 4S! there are non 3dr power modules 100amp as well as other options like radio telemetry. Gimbal controller that will requiter only 12v use a step down voltage to 12v like this 


    3-35V Input, 1.2-30V Output Step-down Step-up Voltage Regulator [FV-335AUT] - $7.99 : OFFTHEGRIDWAT…
    OFFTHEGRIDWATER.CA 3-35V Input, 1.2-30V Output Step-down Step-up Voltage Regulator [FV-335AUT] - 3-35V Input, 1.2-30V Output Step-down & Step-up Volt…
    • Okey james. I saw that somebody uses adc6.6v and pin 15 for this wiring. Maybe 13-14. But I dont know how to connect pins to power module. Thanks.
      • Maybe, this way is for my solution. I will connect 3dr power module to ADC 6.6V. I think I can see other 3s battery (for gimbal and minimosd) on MP an minimosde screen.

        power module .jpg

    • Okey. No problem with 6S. I will use power module with 3s lipo(gimbal, minimosd...) I want to learn that how can I connect 3s lipo to pixhak and I want to see two battery voltage on OSD secreen.

      • Osd are straight forward shuld be labeled on the OSD voltage 1 2 3 documentation on the OSD shuld help.
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