When using a power module with the Pixhawk, is it appropriate to plug several batteries directly to the servo rail using the aux ports?  Secondly, if using 4.8v Nimh batteries is there any need for a Zener diode or regulator?

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What is it you are trying to accomplish by plugging several batteries into the servo rail?
You are plugging in several 4.8v nimh packs? Please explain better.
The zener is required if you are powering motors, like servo motors off the rail and want the redundancy that the PH offers if the PM should fail.

The reason for plugging in several 4.8v Nimh packs is for redundancy and increased battery capacity.  If I plug them directly to the rail using the aux ports do I not need a regulator since they are powering servos or is it still required?

It will work without the PM, but it is not recommended. The PM offers very clean power, the servo rail is very noisy do to the servos.

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