I am stuck, have been working for the last 2 days to upgrade my Pixhawk to -rc3. many failed attempts using MP 1.2.80, 81, and 82. MP fails after unplug USB then plug back in MP fails with "Can not communicate with board" error.

Qcontrol said it successful upgrade but then stopped at 90% and failed. Not sure what code was loaded.

Any help would be great. I do not know what to try next.


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I found that neither my PC nor my laptop USB ports had sufficient current capacity to run a full up PX4 FMU, IO, GPS, outboard compass, and Spektrum PPM receiver (using a regular receiver and a PPM encoder takes even more power). The FMU leds would light up as if the PX4 was functional, but I could not communicate with it. The solution was to use a powered USB hub with at least a 2 amp supply. I have no trouble now communicating with my full up PX4 when using a powered USB hub. Also, keep you USB cables as short as possible.


TCIII ArduRover2 Developer.


THANK YOU after more attempts with high power USB hub..... Upload done!!!!


Now on to reprogramming. Do you know if there is a param file to set all the defaults?


Doing a reset in the CLI will load in parameter defaults.


TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

Thanks Thomas and everyone that helped.

Did a reset from cli and then reloaded the default parama I had save when the Iris was delivered. Calibrated Compass, Voltage, Radio. First test flight of -rc3 was rock solid Loiter and Alt hold, dare I say it, as good as DJI.

Lessons learned:

Need a high voltage USB Hub like  Belkin USB 7 Port Powered Hub Part # F4U018-BLK has 2.5 A power input, it whould have saved 2 days of messing with download FW.

If you like the way it flys save the params and do a reset and reload. This was my first time so if there is a better way please let me know.

If you have a questions the this forum is a great place to get it answered fast. 


Nothing like the sweet smell of success.:-) Your perseverance really paid off!


TCIII ArduRover2 Developer

Hmmm...the need for a 2A powered USB port was NEVER mentioned in the documentation! Maybe that's why I've had nothing but problems with the Pixhawk. Not to mention, the documentation is sparse at best.


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