Hey, everyone.  

I've got my X8R seemingly working well with the Pixhawk for basic controls and some flight modes on sbus.  I haven't flown it yet.  I'm curious about how to trigger RTL with a switch.  I setup channel 7 on the transmitter, mission planner sees it triggered, but I'm unsure how get the signal to trigger RTL on the Pixhawk.

My current FS Options are set to Enabled always RTL and FS pwm 990.

Thanks in advance.


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Is there any documentation / videos on setting up Taranis + x8r + Pixhawk? I'm just about to attempt this. Thank you
Simply output the SBUS from Rx into the RC port on the Pixhawk. Don't use the SB port on the Pixhawk.

Are you using plane or copter? If plane, it doesn't have the ch7 RTL option.
Thanks for your response @iskess. I'm using a quad.
Can't you just set the ch7 action to RTL in Mission Planner like with the APM? Sorry I don't have a Pixhawk.
A bit OT, but do you know if failsafe is configured and tested from the factory on the RTF y6 with taranis?

@Todd - Unfortunately there isnt one video only that I can remember. But if you search Youtube for things like: Taranis custom switches and flight modes and APM, you will find a few useful videos.
Physically connecting them could not really be simpler - as iskess explained above. Figuring out which channel the Pixhawk is listening on and setting the custom switches on Taranis to output the correct pwm values is more difficult.

In Mission Planner you will see which channel and pwm values Pixhawk is expecting. On another screen you can set which flight modes (like rtl or loiter) are assigned to which pwm value.
Setting up custom switches and their related "mixes" on the Taranis is actually also easy once you understand the "logic".

Thanks Walter
Hey Cory, can I ask where you plugged cable from pixhawk into x8r? Was it sbus? Thanks

On X8R it's the SBUS. The horizontal connector below all the vertical PWM ones. Do not connect it to the S-Port where the antennas exit the case, because that's for telemetry.

My X8 has been nothing but a pain..    my mate has DJI and its amazing works all day never and issue.. 


Thanks Para

Im a little confused here, as Im trying to set up the offical "throttle failsafe" with my pixhawk/x8r/taranis.  I am using the x8r with sbus cable only.  when I turn off the tx, the pwm doesnt drop, it stays where it is currently at.  my confusion is; does the throttle failsafe (no pulses at tx) method work while using sbus with pixhawk? If so, then im doing something wrong.....

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