please, take a look at my last log file:

This time I had very bad luck, my over 3.5 years flying hexa crashed into 40 meter high trees during an autotune attempt of the yaw axis.

I recently updated the firmware for the Pixhawk to the latest v.3.5.3.

As recommended, I made the compass calibration again, also the COMPASS_MOT and the accelerometer calibration.

All parameter and values are fine.

During a first flight without cam I noticed that the copter stopped very slow (the train stop effect, dangerous).

So I raised the values to have a more immediate stop (more jerk).

Then I saw that the yaw behaves strange: clockwise it turns way over the point when I released the input stick on the TX and ccw the yaw turns very very slow. Also during YAW inputs, the copter tends to a wobble, perhaps a kind of  "toilet bowl" dance in the air.

Another thing I noticed when switching to autotune for the yaw axis: The voice said: "flightmode switch fail" .  What could that be?  It happened only when assigning autotune to a free channel (seven or eight in my case).

So my request is, please take a look to the log file:

Is the compass ok?

Is the GPS ok?

What happened to the YAW parameter?

What kind of issue I have with assigning autotune to a channel?

Please find some pics and the log file attached.

Thank you very much!

Over the winter i will build a new hexa, but want first learn what went wrong this time

(I found nearly all parts except a complete leg, except the video 5.8GHz transmitter and except one EMAX motor :( in the forest)

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