Can someone tell me the differences between a Pixhawk and the Pixhawk 2 that 3DR is marketing as being supplied with the Solo?


I've tried searching, but only found vague references to Pixhawk 2.

Even the 3DR web site is very light with info about Pixhawk 2.

Perhaps the info is being kept quiet until the final release? If so, that's ok, just let us know.



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I do not think so!

Even when Pixhawk 2 is ready for sale, Pixhawk 1 will also be in store like what happened to APM 2.6 when Pixhawk 1 was introduced.

Yeah... And i wonder what the ratio of pix to apms is. I'm in the market for a pixhawk and would rather have the pixhawk2. Why not... Better connectors... Internal dampening.

PX2 = PX1 + more sensors and internal vibration dampening for better stabilization and new Molex type connectors

Do you know what extra sensors? What connectors?

Why change to yet another connector type? The rest of the "industry" seems to have gone, for the most part, to Molex Picoblade connectors. I've used these for years with no issue. They seem to have the Goldilocks retention force, not too much and not too little.

I have read there is another IMU and at least one additional baro. This is not by any means confirmed.

Well, the schematics are online for quite a while:

Based on them calling this a PX2, it probably won't be for general use like the PX4.  China may actually be the first to come up with the PX5, so it might just be best to wait for that!

PX2? What's that?

Pixhawk 2

... and next you're going tell me the PX4 is the Pixhawk 4... :-p

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