Can someone tell me the differences between a Pixhawk and the Pixhawk 2 that 3DR is marketing as being supplied with the Solo?


I've tried searching, but only found vague references to Pixhawk 2.

Even the 3DR web site is very light with info about Pixhawk 2.

Perhaps the info is being kept quiet until the final release? If so, that's ok, just let us know.



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hey everybody

do you have any news about this great flight controllers from official dev team

We are preparing for production at the moment.
Things are looking good for the first run.

thanks philip

do you know if we will see europeen reseller?

i am pretty sure you next board will have a huge succes


do you have any info on how we can order one? I'm holding off on my new quad build until it comes out and am just curious about the time frame.



Any news?

you will have to wait till summer.....Philip didn't say on what hemisphere ;-) 


do you know if the case will be inclued?and a price range?

thanks for you help

I have to wait more time  to summer :(

NOBODY KNOWS ANYTHING EXCEPT MR.PHILIP AND HE WILL TELL US WHEN HE FINALIZE EVERYTHING....that answer we heard so many times,I don't understand why everybody keep trying (infact i do but there is no point)..

I am sure there will be case,caseless design we abandoned long time ago...Price?less than 500,not more than 350 i must be more than Pixhawk 1 with all new components...


Yes, it will be cased
Getting down to the nitty gritty of manufacturing now!

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