A little confused on setup. 

1) Can I run Helicopter mode H1 on the my transmitter? 

I like the menu options with Helicopter mode on my transmitter rather than Airplane mode. 

2) Hooking up the ESC to the Pixhawk channel 8 output.

There is no "Mode Set 1" or "Mode Set 2" There is only Set Point or Channel 8 input. Which one do I choose? How to I configure it? I am not seeing it on the Wiki. See picture below as reference. 

3) Transmitter channel 8

does that now need to be reassigned as throttle instead of Aux 8? Channel 3 is now just Pitch?

All input would be greatly appreciated.   

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Is it now possible to takeoff and land in Loiter mode? 

Here are my params so far. Seems to be flying pretty well in stabilize. Loiter is good but seems to still hiccup every once in awhile. 


Hello, Sean, first of all, congratulations on the setup in your helicopter. I'm trying to set up my helicopter and I'm doing the same with your H1 configuration  function of the tx and puted the sequences you put in, but I'm not having success in the rotor acceleration. Could you help me figure out where I went wrong? Big hug for all.

Sean Whitney said:

Thank you for the quick reply. 

I currently have no mixing setup in H1 Helicopter mode so all servos and tail move the right way. 


Let me know if this works for radio outputs. 

1 Ail

2 Ele

3 Pit

4 Rud

5 Aux

6 Aux

7 Aux

8 Thr

Throttle seems to respond like normal running it like this. When it's armed it will let me run the motor and when it's disarmed it wont. 

I set it up this way because I running a Castle ESC so the built in governor controls head speed and I can have throttle hold and set my throttle curve in my radio to a certain RPM. 

I know you said not to have throttle on channel 8 but it seems to be working fine can I run it this way? 

I have dialed in the tail for the most part so next step is blades on. 

I forgot the parameter


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