Does any of you have experience to install a BaseCam (AlexMos) SimpleBGC gimbal to the Pixhawk, or have the technical knowledge to inform me if this is possible?

More information about the brushless gimbal controller can be found here: http://www.basecamelectronics.com/simplebgc/

I used this gimbal in combination with DJI Naza V2. I assume the Pixhawk can be used as well to control the gimbal (if DJI can do it, Pixhawk should definitely be capable). The gimbal controller board will take care of stabilizing the 2-axis tilt & roll. I only want to be able to control the camera pitch. Is this possible?

Thanks for suggestions.

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Thanks Chim Xotox!


AP can let the gimbal point to a defined region.


I just tested the suggested ideas. First I tested if the gimbal is still calibrated correctly, which was the case. The camera held its desired horizontal position according to my manual movement. Note: the gimbal was only connected to a battery. After this I assigned channel 8 of the Pixhawk and TX to control pitch (I use my left slider for pitch control - Futaba 14SG). I connected the pitch servo wire of the gimbal to AUX OUT1 (only ground and signal). When connecting the battery to the gimbal the Pitch motor will turn completely upwards. It is does stop only due to the motor wires, which can turn any further. Funny thing is that the camera keeps its horizontal position if I manually move the gimbal. I a very awkward "sky-view" position, but it seems to be horizontal. Moving the left slider didn't make the pitch motor to move. Apparently I do something wrong. But I don't know what.

I have the HobbyWing Gimbal with 32 bit Alexmos & Pixhawk. Works perfectly.

Gimbal isn't plugged into Pixhawk in any way. I also run Taranis radio in 16 channel mode & use 3 of the channels to control gimbal pitch pan & tilt, I think you can even change gimbal mode

This thread at ArduPilot might be useful to you, although with different Radio


I also run a DYS Smart3 Gopro gimbal that uses basecam.  It works fine.  I don't connect it to the pixhawk.  I could connect one axis to it just like the example of the tarot gimbal http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-tarot-gimbal/ But I don't.  

I can use the 14sg with the sb6303 which has two extra channel outputs for that can be configured to 11 and 12.  Hook them straight up to the gimbal.  

Or, I can tap off of the Sbus feed and steal any channel I want with a cheap arduino board and some nice programing (there are examples on the internet or I have a program that works great).  That can give access to ALL possible 14sg channels.  I have this on my big  800.

Just contact me if you want specifics.

Sorry I did not give an update on this topic yet. I'm still waiting on my PPM encoder board from 3DRobotics to connect the Futaba R7008SB to the Pixhawk (currently it doesn't work with the stable FW). I hope to receive it this week so I can test during the weekend.

Hey, I am using the APM 2.6 and the GHT gimbal with the Alexmos 32 bit board.

Connecting the reciever directly to the board is very easy and in the basecam software you can easily 

If you read the Basecam documentation 

Manual - Page 9 you can set the pitch and then just plug the reciever directly into that pin on the board however there are numerous benefits of connecting through the Flight controller.

1. If you output the servo signals which would be used to control the servos in a gimbal into the Basecam board the gimbal has much better stabilization potential (Accelerations compensation – enable it to use a physical model of multirotor to compensate accelerations during)

It also has the ability to use advanced modes such as "follow me" which uses the frame orientation of the multirotor to slowly pan once with the yaw or tilt, for more information check the manual..

2. ROI waypoint in APM.

You can set the ROI and the camera will keep pointing at that point regardless of where the multirotor is flying. 

Imagine, you can circle a tree and the camera will continuously point toward the tree. This is a very exciting feature in my mind.

Anyway to control the pitch through the PIXHAWK or APM you can use your chanel 6 or more and then in the APM or PIXHAWK set MNT_MODE to 3.

arducopter manual <-- search for MNT_MODE

Hope this helps!

I'm still struggling to get the gimbal working. This is my set-up:

- Futaba T14SG radio with Futaba R7008SB receiver (using Mode A: 8 channels)

- BaseCam (AlexMos) SimpleBGC Gimbal controller board: Board 1.0 Firmware 2.2b2 (not possible to upgrade)

- PPM Encoder board to be able to have the R7008SB communicate properly with Pixhawk (different topic)

- Battery for the Pixhawk (6S) is different from the battery for the Gimbal (3S)

I have connected 7 of the total 8 PPM Encoder wires to the receiver. The remaining channel 8 of the receiver will be used to control the camera Pitch.

A servo wire is connected from RX Channel 8 to the SimpleBGC board RC_PITCH (red wire disconnected).

I have programmed the Gimbal controller board as follows:

On the Futaba radio, I programmed Channel 8 to be used with the Left Slider (LS).

Whatever I'm trying, I can't control the camera pitch using the radio LS. The Gimbal itself is working properly, it does maintain a stable position when moving the quad frame.

Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

Yes! Finally some success. I couldn't figure out why I couldn't control Pitch of the gimbal using channel 8 of the Futaba RX. I decided to connect the 8th wire of the PPM encoder to the RX and see if I get any feedback on the Mission Planner "radio calibration screen". This was not the case. I haven't figure out why yet. The RX is programmed into Mode A which should enable all 8 channels. I double checked this, as it seems Mode B is selected. This is definitely not the case.

I programmed my transmitter to use Channel 7 instead and saw I was getting feedback in the radio calibration screen. I connected the servo wire from Ch.7 to the gimbal and still couldn't control Pitch. After that, I just tried all possible inputs on the gimbal controller board and finally get it working when it was connected to FC_ROLL?? Obviously the labels of the schematics are incorrect. I was also able to get it working using the Pixhawk simply by moving the servo wire from the receiver to Pixhawk AUX1 output. Job done!

Thanks everybody for the suggestions!

The only thing left to figure out is why my channel 8 doesn't give any output. If you have any idea please let me know.

herewith some pictures of my quad project:

What gimbal is that?

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