Hi all,

I'm new at this, so forgive me if I'm on the wrong part.

I have a brandnew Pixhawk on my quadcopter (previous with a Cruis aiop v1.1 board)

On the Crius I had no trouble with the EMAX 4in1, but now I only thing I get the ESC's in the "programming mode".

This is what I do (found it on the net, but it's a no go for me)

Turn on TX (Frsky Taranis) give full throttle.

Connect PixHawk to USB.

Press safety button (constant red light)

Connect fly battery.

The 4 motors sound like in program mode (1,2,3.....1,2,3 etc)

It does'nt matter if I press the safety button or not.

I hope someone can help me.

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EMAX 4in1 on a Pixhawk does'nt work. (for me that is)

Went back to my "old" 4 separate ESC's.

Calibrating was sooooo easy

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