I am looking into purchasing a V-Tail quadcopter from HERE and was wanted some feedback on the following points as I'm pretty new to copters... been flying RC helis for years but wanted to try something new...

  • Is the V-Tail any good?
  • How would you set-up Pixhawk to work with this format of copter (Quad or Tri)
  • Has anyone done this before or do I avoid this

I want to use this copter for FPV but also have the added benefit of GPS and Mission planner plus the thing just looks cool... any advice is much appreciated!!

Thank you in advance.


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Hi Tom.

My Quad is pretty much the same than this build here:


so the centerplates are bought, the booms I made a little longer. The angle between the twoo tail-booms is 42 degrees, the motor tilt is said to be at 40 degrees.

And yes, now it flies. Still a bit wobbly. The standard parameters were way too high, but dialing them down to less than the half did help.

Now I have to finetune it.....

It should read:" the APM setup has motors 2 and 3 exchanged wrt your setup.

Here comes the video link to my very first little test:


Looks good!!!

Update: I got in touch with the guy who added the vtail code into arducopter I guess. He sent me a link to the request to get it in to master or what not. From everything I found on the subject I had the motors how they should be but then he mentioned and was in the comments, one of the devs reversed motors 2 and 4 (the back 2) when they added it into the code.

He stated he was pretty sure he had it right when he submitted it but of course the dev overruled I guess. He suggested swapping motors 2 and 4's connectors if I couldn't figure out the problem otherwise which was the case.

I did a fresh upload of 3.2-rc2 and recalibrated accel as I saw needed doing if upgrading from 3.1 etc. I managed to take off twice in my backyard without the crazy 360's. Wasn't enough room to really fly but it hovered a bit started drifing and I let off throttle and grabbed / caught it out of the air both times. So was the 2 back motors connection to pixhawk for sure.

Only other problem I had was it was a bit twitchy some times when throttleing up on the ground. It was like the one right front motor was over thrusting and causing the frame to teter. Not sure if that is normal or not when trying to lift off and the frame is not perfectly level because it is trying to compensate for the not level?

Anyways, gonna probably go to the park in a bit and see if I can actually fly, fly it now. Thanks for the replies.

Nice to hear about that. It seems that the main problem is solved now.

When starting a new quad, I throttle up slowly and then trim the thrusting with the subtrims of the radio until all motors are spinning up equally.

When it flies stable, I do a "safe trim" per ch7 and reset the subtrims on the radio. Btw, autotune will not start if you don't have your subtrims at "0".

Good luck

Hi all,

I would like to finetune the motor mixing settings in the file https://github.com/diydrones/ardupilot/blob/master/libraries/AP_Mot...

How can I load the stable version 3.1.5 that I am currently using into my arduino programming environment?

Cloning the repository only brings me to the current dev version 3.2, but I want to stick to 3.1.5.

Pls help this noob!


I'm currently working on a custom V-Tail. According to the AP_MotorsQuad.cpp file in the link you posted, the tail configuration should be similar to this?


The other way I represented the "All angles measured from their closest axis" could be this:


Which should I use? Can anyone out there provide any clarification for, yet another, V Tail noob? 

If I remember right the setup that you will want to use will be the 2nd graphic. 

If I'm incorrect someone please chime in.

So, this has been done with a Pixhawk? There are Pixhawk V tails out there?

I've got a Pixhawk on my Lynxmotion Vtail 500. I was taking off and it was spinning like crazy, had to reverse the back motors connection 2 and 4. I was able to take off twice and hover a bit before drifting and letting off throttle and catching / grabbing it. Didn't have enough room in backyard to truly fly it.

So yea, was gonna take it out for a bigger test but it's been windy so I haven't yet but seems like it's going to work. There is a basic "vtail" config built into the arducopter code now that's what I'm using, unmodified, just had to swap those motor connectors.

Hi there,

i always wanted to build a V-Tail Setup but i never did because my favourite FlightControler (APM) did not support it. Now I am happy like a child to hear that support has finally been added! =)

Right now I am designing my own build (which i want to empower with a Pixhawk) but I have some newbie questions:

a.) Is it okay to have a 120° angle between the two front booms (like on a tricopter)?

b.) would it also be possible to have a H-Style front (180° between front booms)? Asking because I want to have a free view for my 3-axis BL-Gimbal to the front

c.) What angle should be chosen between the two rear booms (where it says 42° in my picture)?

d.) What length should the rear booms have? Should their lenght be chosen so that the motor-shafts intersect the circle in my picture?

Thank you very much for answering those noob questions ;-) Forgive me... I am new to V-Tails! =)

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