I am looking into purchasing a V-Tail quadcopter from HERE and was wanted some feedback on the following points as I'm pretty new to copters... been flying RC helis for years but wanted to try something new...

  • Is the V-Tail any good?
  • How would you set-up Pixhawk to work with this format of copter (Quad or Tri)
  • Has anyone done this before or do I avoid this

I want to use this copter for FPV but also have the added benefit of GPS and Mission planner plus the thing just looks cool... any advice is much appreciated!!

Thank you in advance.


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Kool. I haven't looked at the footage yet to see if I captured it (just set my cell on it's side and hit record) but I did fly a bit more on the vtail 500 and pixhawk and it flys fine except for giving it yaw. Giving it any yaw even just a little bit it does rotate but also loses altitude. It seems like something with the default tuning like it underthrusts the motors too much or something and causes it to fall at the same time as rotating. I wasn't flying it very high off the ground as I wasn't wanting to risk a bad crash if I had an issue so it was a problem with trying not to hit the ground hard. At higher altitude it wouldn't be as much of an issue but it still does seem dramatic. I would think you should be able to yaw a bit on a vtail without losing altitude. 

I decided to shelf my vtail frame and move my pixhawk and esc's etc off of it onto a new quad frame. Extending the legs helped some stuff but also caused it to be very tippy since it's only 3 legged. I'd rather have a properly supported frame type that functions with my pixhawk and I can hopfully fly my gopro gimbal with my pixhawk rather then putting more effort into an inexpensive vtail frame. 

This is spot on

So easy: config tune :Full parameter List. FRAME  has options :-

0:Plus  1:X  2:V  3:H  4:V-Tail  5:A-Tail  10:Y6B (New)

Thank you Sir


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