Hopefully someone reading this can help me out... Runnign a Tarot 650 with pixhawk. Having some trouble with YAW during an auto mission. It wanders where ever it wants to. No matter what mode I change the "Yaw Behavior Param" to...So for example I set the param to have the copter point to the next wav point and it'll head to the wav point backwards or sideways or whichever way it feels. EVERY other flight mode works flawlessly.. Loiter, Pos Hold, Circle, and even "Point camera here" works flawlessly. Any ideas? Compass calibrations have been done thousands of times. Running an internal compass of course with the pixhawk and a external Neo 8 GPS/Compass. Both have a very small error margin after the calibration. like .30. Copter flys a strait line.. everything works but stinking yaw during my missions. 

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Update.. Watching my mission planner the quad slowly turns its self around constantly.  "Point camera here" doesn't work now. Thought it worked for me earlier.. Guided mode Yaw slowly turns itself around. Auto mode same, slowly turns itself around and around. 

Update... Has to be my Yaw PIDs. So Loiter works great down below the trees where I have been testing it. Which is shielded from the wind. All the other modes, Guided and Auto I have been flying up above the trees for obvious reasons. There is some wind up there. Just flew up above the trees in loiter mode and it sat there held position but slowly turned around in a circle. BINGO. So now I just have to figure out which number to adjust to get my yaw to work. 

Make sure the balance point on your copter is at the mid point between all four motors when equipped to fly.  This will maximize your copters ability to control its yaw while minimizing the yaw effect that accelerating and decelerating will have as move between waypoints.

Your gimbal seems to be really far forward.  This will tend to catch the wind and yaw the copter if there is strong wind or sudden gusts.

Thank you for the reply, however I have it perfectly balanced. The CG is located right in the middle of my Quad which is right where I have my Pixhawk Mounted. I have the Battery hanging off the back to counter balance the gimbal . And I agree with it catching some wind, however there was almost no wind today and the quad still slowly spins around in a circle. :-/

Update... I have tried my YAW PIDs completely maxed out, and completely at min. and can tell a difference. and it still behaves the same way. I did notice today that my yaw and pitch values in the radio calibration kinda flutter around + or -15... Is that normal? If I push the yaw to one side the value go to the extreme and doesn't fluctuate. But in the center it jumps around a little. However this should effect anything in auto mode. So I don't think this is my problem. I noticed today that a switch today I have setup on my radio as a safety switch. It disable the yaw and throttle input was causing my copter to yaw slowly. It is set to center the stick. So it shouldn't and didn't used to be causing it to do that. I disabled it and i think my loiter doesn't spin any more but my "Point camera here" and missions the yaw still doesn't work. Its almost like there is a Auto tune that is going on behind the scenes and its learning my yaw incorrectly. Then when it goes to use this later on in anything autonomous its slowly off center so it causes the AC to slowly yaw.. ugh. Any thoughts ideas? And is there a "Learning setting" that's going on behind the scenes on my Yaw, Pitch, and Roll? I know there is one for throttle..  

Hello Justin
Have you tried it with "Auto Tune"?

best sunny greetings from Germany

Yes I tired an auto tune the other day but ended up going back to stock PIDs Auto tunes usually work very well. But for some reason I was getting the jitters which I assume were caused by to high of gains that the Auto tune added. But tried a mission with the jitters and still same deal yaw drift. :-/

Update.. Well quad is out of commission for a couple weeks. This thing had bee running perfect for sometime now.. Except for the yaw drift problem. Decided last night to try a different firmware version. Tried the latest Dev. 4/09/15 vs 3.3 and installed the "v2" not sure what the difference is in v1 and v2 in every release. Redid all calibrations and all. Climbed to around 100feet above my driveway. Pixhawk decided to reboot. Trashed frame, gimbal, two motors, gopro hero + Black, and I dropped my radio thinking I was gonna catch my quad and broke a few switches on that too. Yeah.. not a happy camper. O and my 115$ 10,000mah battery burst into flames and of course is toast. 

Final update: So I believe I figured out my problem. Was reading the other day about "Auto Mode" and read and had already know that Throttle, pitch, and aileron channels are disabled. But Yaw channel is still enabled so you can point the AC at different things while a mission is active. So.. Come to find out my throttle stick is apparently messed up a little bit and it was showing an ever so slighty off center value. So long story short, all fixed. Thanks for your al l your help.

This fixed a similar issue I had where craft would often creep around from time to time during a mission. A real pain for mapping projects. Thanks for your posts. 

What exactly did you do to fix this issue?  Re-calibrate the RC controller for Yaw?  Can you disable the Yaw channel for Auto mode? 

I have the same questions thnas Chris Maier.? Did you solve your problem and how ? Rc calibration ?
I have yaw drift during auto mission whreas copter seems to behave quite well in loiter mode.
I'm lost. If you or anyone else have the answer...



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