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We believe that all teething problems encountered are now resolved and so we recommend people load Copter-3.3.4 which is available for all multicopters through the Mission Planner's (and other GCS's) Install Firmware screens.  Note that because regular Pixhawks are still on Copter-3.3.3 the install icon may show Copter-3.3.3 but rest assured, Copter-3.3.4 will be installed (you can check the version by looking at the very top of the Mission Planner).

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A few pics of our pixracer build:

EMAX nighthawk (previously had a CC3D)

FLVSS and craft and theory telemetry from battery and telem1 to Taranis

alceOSD connected to telem2


Mobius (power only since it has super capacitor).


FrSky XSR using S.Port for telem.

Pleased with placement of safety switch, buzzer and GPS/compass. Could have done better with color co-ordinating and getting pixracer with a working USB :). Also FPV cam a little exposed to damage.

Todo: foam over baro, and will shorten posts to fit wifi module when I receive replacement PixRacer. Connect C&T telem cable to FLVSS.

Nextup: going to install a pixRacer on an EpiQuad 210 with 4 in 1 ESC and alceOSD. It's gonna be tight :)


Logs for Dev's...   Running a copy of arducopter 3.4 I downloaded/installed on 5/21.
Still some alt_hold trouble.  Unpredictable behavior.
It still makes small yaw adjustments, and occasionally some sudden bursts of power/increases in altitude. 

Also, my telemetry connection (standard modems, not wifi) has become very unstable..  I connect, it starts downloading params at a normal speed, then slows down considerably.. and when it is finished transferring the parameter list, the connection level is down around 10%.  It seems random.  I have checked my antennas, and they are all OK.  Power cycling either modem (pc or copter) fixes the trouble, and I get 99% reception again.
But, I have to mention, I haven't done a lot of research in to it, and maybe my modem has developed an issue..
Also, MissionPlanner updated itself since the last time I used it, so maybe it's a MP issue... 

Small log had a few sudden bursts of power, and it's short, so should be easy to see the issue.
The larger log was having some of the telemetry connectivity issues, and some of the yaw movements, and one or two sudden bursts of power in alt_hold.  Also, at the end of the log, it was just sitting stationary, and EKF went red on velocity..  I'm sure it's a GPS thing... but happens often.

Apparently there is a problem w/ file upload at the moment.. Just tried from my internet connection, as well as a clients w/ a completely different provider, and cannot upload the files...  
Will try again in a few hours..

I understand.. Especially when stock from the original providers is so poor... They should make it clear that these are basically built to order.. or it at least seems that way..   My guess is they are collecting enough orders to pay for printing a batch of boards, then they print and test and deliver that batch.. I could be wrong, but that's what it seems like.. and if that is the case, they should be clear about it.. 
Anyway.. I made my point and am done w/ this topic.. Sorry if I offended anyone and I do understand your position.. But still think supporting the developers of the products should take priority over all else. 

Still can't access the home page or upload my log files, but want to mention something... 
I know I say bad things about this GPS all the time, but it's worth mentioning again..  (because it causes SOO many subtile issues and I have wasted months figuring out it's the GPS the first time I used one of these)
I have 2 RTFQ mini m8n gps's, and both are getting about 6-10 satellites and have poor position hold capability under the tree in my back yard.  (10+ meter drifting around)
I plugged in my HK m8n, and I get 20 satellites and totally solid loiter.  (maybe 10cm drift)

All of them are using the same configuration. (I checked in the Ublox config program)

Here I am with some more notes on the AC3.4 - e3b2e90a and pixracer. 
1. It sucks trying to find parameters when a lot of them changed their names. 
2. Setting ATC_RAT_YAW_FILT to 20hz does NOT survive reboot, it defaults back to 5hz after power cycle. 
3. This particular build is hard to connect to via the wifi adapter params load extremely slow (2-3min and often restart after loading 500ish).

can't attach anything get 500ERROR

4. VERY IMPORTANT on Y3 while disarmed and on the ground while loading full parameter list via WiFi motors started pulsating short bursts of what appeared full throttle for less than second not enough to lift off, but what the heck?!?!? that was scary my face was about 30cm away from the prop... this happened 4 times during parameter download via tower. for what its worth - I do not use safety button, would be interesting to see if this is reproducible with one. worth noting that I have LB20ies with oneshot125 enabled on that tricopter. never happened before. 

5. Angle Boost produced mixed feelings.... during really fast forward flight it adds way too much throttle, during slow passes in loiter copter was still loosing altitude my loiter speed is set to 1000. maybe we need some sort of a parameter to adjust it.. 
6. Follow me is broken, copter just lands when switched to follow mode via tower.

7. For all the tricopter pilots: I finally found the parameter which gave me back yaw very similar to AC3.1.5!
well there are a few of them actually: 
ATC_SLEW_YAW = 18000 (big impact)
ATC_Y_MAX = 54000 - 100000 (gives you nice crisp throttle control)
ATC_RAT_YAW_D = 0 (lower your P & I but keep D at 0)
ATC_YAW_P = 0.1
ATC_YAW_I = 0.01 

the last three settings are my preference, adjusting those will change how actively AC stabilizes yaw
the first four give you precise throttle control so yaw servo moves ONLY when your yaw stick moves and stops when yaw stick goes to neutral. without those, yaw response is greatly delayed.

I am attaching only one log here, but I have a few more if interested 2 with autotune (second produced decent PIDs for roll/pitch). The one attached has throttle jump during parameter download with tower via ESP8266 while in the air.

couldn't upload in the original post. 

The forum isn't working well mow, I can't upload nothing too.

By the way, we're going to start beta testing Copter-3.4 certainly within a week.  I'll do a new blog post and we might do the testing/support discussion on the new ardupilot discourse servers.

We think EKF2 is in better shape now after a bunch of changes from Paul & Tridge over the weekend.  Leonard has some more changes he wants to put into Copter-3.4 so we need to decide whether to wait for those before officially starting or to handle them in -rc2.

I hope for you and other devs sake there is somewhat of a way to figure whether any issue is PR or the code itself. I think the vast majority of flyers are still pixhawks still so it would be my vote to focus on 3.4 / pixhawk platform and keep it separate from the PR. Seems you've been burning the candle at both ends..... as usual. 

x2  re- with the 3.4 and EKF 2 enabled and internal compass disabled w/ pixhawk.   "Still some alt_hold trouble. 
It still makes small yaw adjustments, and occasionally some sudden bursts of power/increases in altitude." 


 Setting ATC_RAT_YAW_FILT to 20hz does NOT survive reboot, it defaults back to 5hz after power cycle.

I have reproduced this and I've pushed a fix to master. Thanks for letting us know!

I haven't looked at the other issues yet

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