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We believe that all teething problems encountered are now resolved and so we recommend people load Copter-3.3.4 which is available for all multicopters through the Mission Planner's (and other GCS's) Install Firmware screens.  Note that because regular Pixhawks are still on Copter-3.3.3 the install icon may show Copter-3.3.3 but rest assured, Copter-3.3.4 will be installed (you can check the version by looking at the very top of the Mission Planner).

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Sorry guys, I never downloaded nothing up to beta firm and I don't know how to download a master firm :( 

How I can do it ? I go to Github but not shure what I have to choose there, then I copy in my pc and upload with custom firm no?

Solution to the USB connection problem.

With expert instructions from AUAV I removed all unrecognized unused and hidden USB devices (USB Serial Bus controllers) on the Windows 10 device manager. Selected yes when promoted to remove drivers and software.

Now can connect reliably to the Pixracer via USB on a Windows 10 PC.

At one stage I removed the USB keyboard and mouse, but unplugging and plugging back in got them working again.

Able to successfully calibrate ESCs via boot with throttle high method on AC3.4dev today.

Unable with AC 3.3.4 (ccebcd30). Long tone from PixRacer then no tones from ESCs.

Thanks for the report.

#4 is almost guaranteed to be interference from the wifi on the ESCs.  You can see similar effects by putting a 3DR radio very close to a servo.  If you can easily recreate this I think you'll find that if a safety switch is attached (and it's red light is flashing meaning that it's off) that the issue doesn't happen.  The reason is that when the safety switch is off we send no PWM pulses.  This results in slightly annoying beeps from the ESCs but it will also make it more difficult for the wifi interference to affect the ESCs.  When the safety switch is solid (i.e. on) then we sent RC3_MIN (i.e. a PWM value of about 1000) to the ESCs.  The wifi interference only needs to cause the PWM value to be a little higher (i.e. maybe 1150) to get the motors to spin for a moment.

My new Pixracer controller fly's today in a HK dead cat quad. After a week of learning Q-Ground control and Mission planer, twirling and rotating it around trying to calibrate the sensors it finally gave the thumbs up to arm and test fly.

It fly's very well. Looking forward to further configuration and experimenting with all the systems.   

No problems with AC 3.4-rc1 to report!

Type ctrl+Q

But now we have AC 3.4 rc1 when you click on beta firmware. 

Thank's Thorsten, I try with Ctrol Q but nothing happens, but I try again with beta if it's now in MP  :)

"Error updating firmware no response from board" in two pc. the board connect well and show params.

After tree chances, mission planner suggest to unplug the board and re-plug and there it works and upload the firmware.

Did they fix the alt_hold issues?  It was still too unpredictable for me to fly w/ last weekends master copy..
I never saw any acknowledgement of my posts about it.. other than someone else saying they have the same issue even on pixhawk. 
Hopefully it stops raining today and I can try it later....

Still the same trouble! 
Only now Stabilize is also doing the uncommanded yaw movements. 
Alt hold does random yaw movements.  Alt hold doesn't hold altitude well. 
it's unflyable w/ the random uncommanded yaw movements!  One time it spun almost completely around and I lost orientation..
I'll try to upload a log...


Not, sure since I have not tested it intensively so far. I did a rock solid 39 min Loiter and a short mission. All fine. I hope to find time to test it the next two days.

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