pkts lost over USB & fluctuating pitch and roll when perfectly still


I have two "is this normal?" questions.

1. pkts lost

I have my arducopter hooked up to the mission planner over a USB cable, yet I still see 'pkts lost' in the 'link stats...' window. Is that normal? I am running Windows 7 under VirtualBox on Ubuntu Precise. I am using COM3 115200, 8, N, 1, Xon/Xoff.

I've attached a screenshot.

2. virtual horizon moves when copter isn't

The pitch and roll degree tend to float around by 0.5-2% when the copter is sitting perfectly still on the ground. Is that a normal amount of fluctuation? On the virtual horizon it looks like a lot of movement, but I can also believe that is a perfectly normal amount of noise.

- jeremy

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Issue two is the same for me since day one... Not sure why or if its normal?!

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