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Question: I have built a 1520mm Target Drone


As you can see in the seventh picture, it has a belly hatch that is secured at the corners by four pairs of magnets.

I'm finding for wiring layout, access and CG reasons that the ideal placement for the APM is on the inside of this belly hatch, as if it were an avionics tray.

However, I'm concerned that the magnetic fields will interfere with the gyros and magnetometer of the APM, at the least, and with the electronics in general.

Is this a reasonable suspicion? Or do I have nothing to be concerned about.

PS. The APM has an external GPS that I'm mounting at the ceiling of the bay, so it is away from the magnets.

Thanks for your responses in advance.


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Hi Bill

Is it an APM 2.6? If it is then the external GPS also has the Magnetometer in it so should be a good distance from the magnets. The rest of the the electronics will be fine with the magnets.

regards, Paul


It is an APM 2.5 w/ MediaTek external GPS. Is that still OK?




The APM 2.5 has an onboard magnetometer (i.e. on the main APM board) so no easy answer there.

That said I've never heard of anyone having issues on a plane with magnet interference (it is a common issue on quads due to the close proximity of the ESCs/motors and DC cabling).

I've flown about with magnets holding on the cowling of an Easystar right next to the APM without any known problems. I think the issue is with changing magnetic fields (from an ESC etc) rather than fixed fields (from magnets or other bits of structure).

If you are worried about it, check out the compass readings using the CLI and running the Compass test. If you are still worried pop the magnets out and replace with some velcro (although it looks like a nice model to hacking away at!)

Regards, Paul

Thanks, Paul!

Happy New Year

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