Plane in Auto mode continuously banks 3 degrees to the right

My plane, when in Auto, banks about 3 degrees to the right like I was crabbing with left rudder. I can't figure out what's making it do this.

Accels are calibrated, level set and it is trimmed out.

Any advice appreciated.

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Test what occurs at max thrust and zero thrust and I think you'll find its caused by the torque/spiraling slipstream/ P-factor.
Do you have a newer Skywalker?
I have a Bixler two with an over size motor. However, the cruise throttle and speed are ver moderate.
I never had this problem before. I had an EZstar with a larger motor and flew fine.
If it is a P-factor or torque effect, is there any way to correct for it? Shooting video with an out of whack horizon sux.
Thank you for the help.

What does it want to do in manual flight? It does not take much for a bigger prop to make a difference.

In manual, at cruise throttle, it is trimmed to straight and level. Yes, if I crank it up, the torque factor will come into play seriously. Also, in FBWA, it flies very well. As an example, I can go 1/2 mile with pitch and roll changing + or - 2 degrees. Again this is at cruise which is about 4-5 Amps and 26mph.

It would seem to be a contradiction if it flies okay in FBWA it would not in Auto on a Mission???

I'm going to try the old, "load another platform, erase, reset, load plane" and see what happens. In other words start with all default and re-tune from there.

Btw, as a test, while in Auto, I gave it manually commanded right rudder and I was able to get the plane to fly level. That is it went from 8 degrees right roll to 0 degrees roll.


Are you using a pusher prop? I'm curious why you needed Right rudder, while others with this issue needed Left rudder to correct the slip. Most people are using regular props even on pusher motors. 

Are you still having this issue? Much more info here:

and here:

Thanks. I had this issue on two planes, a Bixler and a SW. That seems unlikely so I set about looking for another cause besides torque or P factor. After much random research, I decided to upload the Neo 7 cfg.txt file for my TWO NEW GPS Neo 7N's. Well that fixed it.

After much thought, the thing I changed on BOTH planes was the GPS, from a 6M and MediaTek to the Neo 7. Neo 7N's were "guaranteed" to be configured correctly for a ***hawk out of the box, they weren't! After loading the 3DR cfg.txt file for Neo 7, the GPS's are a whole new animal. They lock in about 10 seconds after 24 hour idle. 12-13 Sats and HDOP or PDOP, take whatever MP displays, of 1.3-1.6. Btw, a hint that this may be a navigation problem is, "does your plane fly ok in FBWA mode?" If it does, it would make sense that accels are handling the flight forces well.

I guess everything is so interdependent on the PH that something as important as GPS throws the whole system out of whack!

Thanks for bringing it up again, as I meant to get back here and post my solution in case others have this problem in the future.

Very interesting. I Don't think it could simply be the GPS receiver. The issue is caused by a sideslip and the gps isnt aware of the airplane's attitude. I have seen this issue with many differnt GPS receivers. Perhaps your issue is different.

Hello, I wasn't trying to imply your problem was the same. My point is to those who may have a problem with sl

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