Planned QUADROcopter UAV, please look over my setup before I buy

I am planning on working on an autonomous quadrocopter, to develop neural network based software on. Can I get feed back on the setup?
1x                                                        ($3.49)

TOTAL: $173.9
-------------------------------------------------------ELECTRONICS---------------------------------------------------------                        ($124.95) (?)                        ($13.95)
TOTAL: $ 504.56
TOTAL(alternates): $493.64

**preferred alternate

What do you think of the alternates? For the wireless, its mainly data transfer, but will hopefully be able to switch into direct control for emergencies.

Proppellers will be close together, 2" spacing from the prop diameter.
Please tell me if their is anything I am missing!

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concentrate on quad ;-) & good luck
Last set of questions:
On the hacker style motor I posted, how does that thing mount to the airframe? How does the propeller attach to the motor? the prop says 5mm shaft, motor says 3mm shaft. will I have problems?
which motor? link pls.
with propeller adapter or some cases there are adapter rings(See here ) given along with props, you put the inside the prop and use prop saver to fix the prop to shaft, the motor and accessories like this has all the components.
link to your choice of props?
please look FIRST on popular quad-sites like mikrokopter.
they also list proven components.

buy this mechanical parts! you will run in enough selfmade electronic problems and hopefully solve it.
good luck!
You could look at a tethered solution in the short term. Use a car battery or similar and 7 or 8 meters of reasonably large core power lines . At 12 volt and high amps you are going to lose allot of power to line losses but I bet cable is cheaper than batteries.
This way you get to do lots of stability testing without the drama and expense of several batteries.

I haven't done this but you wan want to use some sort of spring loaded reel to automatically reel in the cable as slack comes on.

The ether can come up from below or can form part of a harness.

Good luck


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