Please Help, Randomly one motor does not start at startup. Look at the video.

Hi All,

First of all My escs and radio were calibrated.

At startup randomly one motor does not start after about 3-4 three minutes successfull run.

If motor starts there is no problem it continues to start and spin.

On my video look at startup, 2.07 and 3.00.

My Quad config is:

Pixhaw with Arducopter 3.2.1

H4 Aliena 680 frame with Aerialmob landing gear

TM-MN4010 370Kv Motors

RCTimer 15x5.5 Propeller


16A Gens Battery


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The only time I had this happen to me turned out to be a faulty ESC... it started out with the motor randomly not starting up on arming... then progressed to not starting at all. It was a fairly quick progression, however, over the course of may a couple days before it failed all together. The only other thing I can think of is did you try calibrating your ESCs individually? I have read that calibrating all at once can sometimes not work, though I have never had this issue. Hope this helps in some way. 


I think i solved the problem.

I change THR_MIN value to 150 and RC_SPEED value to 100.

I found this solution while searching in forums.

Maybe THR_MIN change could be enough.

I tested this at ground level.

I will fly as soon as possible and We will see the results.

Best regards.

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