Poor customer service from 3DR -- Are they becoming another DJI?

Has anyone had any issues completing an equivalent exchange?  A support rep named "Casey Zamora" at 3DRobotics had promised me an equivalent exchange for my rattling transmitter then just tries to file an RMA instead without addressing the equivalent exchange promise?  I even have his statements in e-mail and I quote them in reply.  However the quotes and links I give them are simply not addressed in response.  Has anyone else had similar issues?  How did you handle it?  Is 3DRobotics support simply becoming another DJI?  Should I just fix it myself and ignore the (seemingly worthless) warranty?

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still nothing...should I give up?

I got an email toady from Technical UNsupport...it's only been 38 days!!

Here we go again. If you read the 18 emails, you would know "my side of the story". Are we 10!?!!

"Thank you for contacting Technical Support.

My name is Enrique, manager at Tech support. First off I wanted to let you know that I've already gone through all the emails so I'm up to speed with what's been going on, having said that I'd still like to hear your side of the story before we go any further. Can you please tell me what happened?

In the mean time if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us, we'll be happy to assist you.

Have a great day.

Best Regards,
Enrique Amaya - Manager
[3DR Technical Support Engineer]"

They are not interested in solving problems. I am not looking for a handout. I want to make sure the aircraft is safe to fly. The 3DR team takes the approach just keep flying until you crash. 

Perhaps my aerospace has set an unrealistic standard for quality and support....time for a new source.

3drobotics customer service is getting worse every time I order. This time they had motors on sale for 6$ and I thought wow what a deal. A few hers after I placed the order they lowered them to 3$. No kidding a few hours after I placed the order. I email CS and asked to get a refund for the difference. They told me no and that I would need to cancel the order and reorder the motors and hope that they didn't sell out before I did this. That's ridiculous. There has to be a way to process this transaction but it seems to me that the person wood rather go the easy route and make the customer do the leg work and possibly loss out on the item on sale. Terrible customer service. I think I am done ordering anything from 3D Robotics.

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