I have been using stabilize, wanted to try position hold to see if it will at least stay in my back yard and it wont, it drifts off almost hitting fences and plants.

I know the GPS works well because I fly it waypoints a lot and it works well.

Any reason it wont hold position?

GPS both lights blue.

I can see it moving on its own trying to stay in position, but it wont.


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    Loiter is the closest we have to that.  It's getting closer.  In 2.9 we will start using inertial navigation for alt hold and it makes a big difference.  the next step will be using it for horizontal position hold as well.  It's quite complex to get it right but we're making decent progress.

okay, I will try 2.4.  The craft is down today, LEGO failure :) but it should be back up tonight or tomorrow.  I am using Scorpion motors so they have a lot of power.  I actually tried about 2 and it seemed sluggish but I can try again.


okay, thats why I was using Position Mode because it gave me control of the throttle like the NAZA-M does, and reading it should also use the GPS like the NAZA when I let go of the sticks, although mid throttle stick did not really hold altitude at all.  Another thing is I can take off and land in Position Mode.

With all due respect I find that there is nothing that lets me fly GPS mode and still have control over my throttle and arm, disarm and land so unfortinatly I find I never use GPS and just Stabilize mode, the only thing I use GPS for is Auto.  If I cant arm take off and land with GPS I dont find a lot of use in it.  

Given that confusion and the fact that few people use Position Mode, I'm wondering if we should just eliminate that mode, which seems to more more confusing that it is helpful. Loiter is really what most people want. Randy, what do you think?


    Ok, interesting.  We always force people to take-off in stabilize mode but that's because our lands in loiter have been bouncy.  That's fixed in 2.9 so maybe we should rethink the restriction that people can only take-off in stabilize....but i think we won't make that change until we have the inertial nav for xy working which will be a big step forward in terms of making a position hold mode that feels like 'stabilize'.

Ah sorry, one more thing..once ArduCopter ver 2.9 is out, you should update the firmware on your mediatek to ver 1.9.  It definitely improves position hold because the old firmware only reports position to within 10cm.  the new one gets down to the 1cm.  The Arducopter firmware upgrade and the mediatek firmware upgrade go hand-in-hand though..i.e. you need to be on AC 2.9 to use Mediatek 1.9.

Well what I did was arm in Stabilize Mode, then switch to Position Mode so I could have full control of throttle and let the GPS hold my position.

The main issue I had with the Loiter is that if your not careful the craft can shoot up or fall fast when I change back to stabilize mode just to land, the Position mode eliminated this behavior.  Personally I think its closest thing to the NAZA flight I can find except the face that the mid throttle stick is not holding well.

Reading Chris post Im wondering if I'm confusing Alt Hold with Loiter mode, maybe I need to try it and see if thats what I really want.

Chris is probably right that a lot of modes are confusing, finding a mode that is great for every day flying is really I guess what Im looking for.

I guess I thought loiter was just for stoping, did not know I can fly take off and land with it this is my misunderstanding of the flight modes.

Ill try loiter tomorrow, waiting for epoxy to dry :(


     I think your issue could also be the loiter rate needs to be tuned (reduced) or it could be that your compass declination is off.  both issues show the same symptoms...if loiter rate is too high it tends to keep overshooting the target.  If the compass declination if off then it keeps missing the target because it's confused as to which direction the target is in.

    Still, our auto declination normally gets it right (I've seen a drastic reduction in reports of circling since it was introduced about a year ago) so it's more likely loiter tuning.

Oh, I did find this but it says 1.6 so I think its old


The upgrade instructions for the mediatek are here but you need to be running arducopter 2.9 before it will work.  I.e. AC 2.8.1 doen't support the new mediatek firmware 1.9.

Position Hold keeps just the position, but the copter may go up or down in altitude. Loiter [tries to] keeps also Altitude and also Position. 

I would think Hold Position mode is useful for filming a tall poll, like an electric power poll, or a mountain climber. I would say to keep the mode.


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