I have been using stabilize, wanted to try position hold to see if it will at least stay in my back yard and it wont, it drifts off almost hitting fences and plants.

I know the GPS works well because I fly it waypoints a lot and it works well.

Any reason it wont hold position?

GPS both lights blue.

I can see it moving on its own trying to stay in position, but it wont.


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What code/frame/GPS are you using? And are you using the default params?

I did change the default params a little, Meditek GPS that came with the 2.5 APM, I have Scorpion motors.

Is there any way to get defaults back?

I believe you have to go to the terminal CLI and then type setup, then type erase, then type reset. That should put you back at the default settings.

Did you mean Position Hold or Altitude Hold?

I already try Position Hold. It doesn't work for my quad too.

Maybe that was a problem for original CLI from MP.

But Altitude Hold work well for me.

Hmmm, I had a similar problem, as the copter would drift away and hold a very big radius from the hold position. Perhaps it's related to the GPS. Have you tried using the uBlox Lea 6 GPS with the same params?

Just a little stupid question, but are there any difference between "Pos Hold" and "Loiter"? I have used Loiter on 2.8.1 with uBlox GPS and that works fine.


Hemm.. I also seeking for the answer. hehe..

Another stupid question: How to adjust CLI? Where can I find CLI scrip? Is it at Terminal tab in MP?

I really don't know, it seemed like the position hold held for a little while then it just drifted away :(

What I was looking for is something that would use the GPS for holding position yet let me arm, take off and land where I still have control of my own throttle but when all sticks are centered it would hold there like my NAZA-M does, but to this day I have not found anything like the NAZA GPS alt hold with the APM 

We have two different flight modes:

    "Loiter" which controls horizontal and vertical position.

   "Position " which only controls the horizontal position.  the vertical position (i.e. throttle) is manual like stabilize mode.  I don't think people use position mode much.

CLI = Command line interface.  When you click on the terminal window in the mission planner you're connecting to the cli.

We use to use it a lot back in the early days.  You'd do most of your set-up including radio, flight modes, accelerometers, etc. all using the cli.  These days the mission planner is used for most of that but there are still a few functions that can only be invoked from the cli.  For example the "system", "reset" feature which resets all parameters to the defaults.


     I think your Loiter's Angular Rate Control is too large.  The default is 5.0 which is a good number if you're using the ublox but it's a bit too high for the mediatek.  Please try 2.4.

     If you could post some log files of a loiter that would be a great help in determining what the problem is.  The feature itself definitely works so it's either a tuning issue (most likely) or some other kind of set-up issue.



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