I am running the 3DR Hexa with APM2 and Arducopter 2.6.

I just started flying it this last weekend and noticed that sometimes all of the sudden the controls go reversed. I am flying in stability mode and simple is checked.

Sometimes landing and disarming and reamring makes it all better for a little bit. Other times I have to turn it off and then back on.

One thought I had was that i am flying in a small area (about a 25 ft circle). Is it possible that simple mode gets confused on where it launched since it is in such a small space and thinks it's now on the other side of where it launched?

I will try and get some data logs. I remember a couple weeks back someone had found an issue with the compass going 180 degrees out but I can not find that thread anymore.



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You may be in Super Simple mode, which is a enhanced mode that requires a working GPS.

You may also have a bad compass. Can you check the compass is working correctly? The CLI has a compass test. And you can also disable the compass and fly Simple mode for a bit and see if it has a problem.

Your flash logs would help as well.


Thanks Jason,

I have attached a log file. It seems that anytime I yaw it throws off the compass. I was watching in the MP and could see the compass still turning when I was sitting still on the ground.

When I boot it up or if it just sits there for a while it seems to read fine just after a yaw movement by me does it seem to go funny.

I can't get into CLI as I have another strange thing happening with communications. USB goes nuts. I can only talk to the APM2 reliably with the 3DR radios. When I go to the terminal I get instantly get a scrolling bunch of giberish that won't stop. Not sure if that is related to the issue or not.

Thanks for looking at this.


Just a quick update. I tried running it without the compass and flys far better. So now I need to figure out what's going on with the compass.

Also here is a link for the other question I have open about the USB.




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