Hey all,

Silly question but I just got my quad from Udrones. The power distribution board has a male Deans plug but most batteries have bullet style plugs. What's the best way to connect the two? 

Any thoughts on what adapter to use to connect the battery?

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Just cut off the battery plug and use a deans to match that on the copter, I guess it goes without saying to not cut through both the wires at the same time! There will be many sparks, a dead Lipo and a damaged "you"!

I find that a number of people are now moving away from the deans towards the XT60 connectors, it could be worth looking at these moving forward?


I would also say a good addition to your setup would be a lipo battery tester and or a lipo battery alarm system.... :)






I second this. I made the mistake Martint mentioned. Better to cut one wire, solder, heatshrink (or insulate) and then start on the other one :). 

So one of my LiPo, I short circuited accidently causing one cell to drain right down to 1.X v. I fear to touch that again.. :)



Forgot to mention, IMHO, the choice of your plug depends on your charger as well! does it has a deans plug? In my case my charger had XT60, hence I used XT60 everywhere. i.e. in PDB, in Batteries etc.. 

Thanks for everyone's replies! Having never done this before, I enlisted the help of my local hobby shop to not only do it but teach me how so I can replicate it next time. 

I have to say though, that as a newbie, there are certain things I'm coming across that aren't outlined anywhere. This is a great instance. "Ready to fly kit" is a complete misnomer, but I'm really thankful for the supportive community that is this forum. I'm keeping track of all my learning lessons and hope to share the wealth with future newbies. 

Japi - regarding your question... I had purchased the Imax B610 and attempted to use it for the first time this weekend but turns out it was defective and really poorly constructed. Out of desperation I purchased the only other charger at a local shop - it's an Orion advantage IQ and charges through the balance cable. Should I be concerned by this? My battery is a Turnigy nano-tech 3300mah 45-90.

Thanks again for your help!

Well, I don't have an experience on balance cable chargers. But I believe they should be okay.. So in that case you don't have to consider the charger while deciding the plugs for your setup. 



Well, I think it would make more sense to change the deans to bullet rather than change the battery from bullet to deans.  You'll only have to do it once for the deans, and then you don't have to do it for every battery you want to plug into the drone.

Personally, I would not make the change at all.  Instead I would make a deans to bullet converter cable.  Then you have the flexibility of using a deans battery in the future.

Yes, also if you want to charge the battery, it's more likely that the charger will come with an XT60 or bullet connector than deans.  Especially if you plan to use a parallel charging adapter in the future.

That's a good call, Ellison. 

Being so new to this, I'm not of my future path with respect to batteries I should use. It seems batteries come with many connection types. Are there any benefits to one connection over another? Can they all handle the same voltage? Any more prone to disconnecting than others?

I do like the idea of using an adapter (Deans to whatever) but again, does that open up issues regarding the performance in any way?

Well, adding an adapter will add a few extra grams of weight, and cost of the two connectors.  There should be no performance differences.  It's DC current, so no problems with increased impedance, or significant resistance.

Voltage is not really the issue, since we're running usually 3s(11.1v) or 4s(14.8v).  The main issue is current. But any of deans, bullet or XT60 are going to be good enough to handle the kind of currents that we draw.  

I'd say the main factors are:

  1. What's on your battery.
  2. What's on your charger
  3. Weight.

I think the bullet connectors are the lightest, since it's using light tubular shrouds, rather than  solid chunks of plastic like the deans and XT60.  Also like I said if yo want to do parallel charging, it's hard to find a rig with bullet connectors.  For example in my setup. all my batteries are bullet, so I used bullet for my drone. but my parallel charger is xt60, so I ended up buying xt60 to bullet converters to plug my batteries into the charger.

I have ran into the same issues as Jason above. Im a complete newbie and as such I DO expect to run into roadblocks along the way... however I think that when UDrones recomends a battery for their quad that requires, if I am to read corrctly, to cut wires or 'make' an adapter, then that is a particularly lousy roadblock to overcome.

Is there any reason I could use the following Deans to bullet adapter on the quad itself?



Thanks in advance... Ill get to fly this thing someday!

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