Does anyone know where to find documentation or replacement parts for what's inside the bottom cover of the Iris?  I don't see anything on the 3DR website that matches the Iris.


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That's called the 3dr 4in1 esc and information on that is virtually impossible to find!
Seems like it's a trade secret almost. :-)
I do know that it has 4 20 amp ESC on it and a power module and that's all I've been able to find so far.
You could try asking in the official IRIS support forum on too.

Thanks Steve.  We're preparing to use the Iris for a middle school technology class in a few months, and I wanted to make sure I could explain how all the parts worked.  I'll try the Arduino forum.

For those that want to learn, here are links to all the other electronic parts inside the Iris.



I don't know if you have already seen this or not.  A while back, someone posted this article here:

You found it!  Thanks Ken!

Next on my wish list is a place to buy them.


Ah ha! Thank you!

I was told that spare parts for everything on the IRIS will be available at some point in the future.



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