Hi, I am seeking more information about power generator which will be attached to airplane angine to provide power supply for electrical component in the UAV.

where can I find about manufacturers or distributor of these generators? any suggestion about brands and specification? 

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Hi, you can contact Andrew at millswood engineering as we are currently collaborating with him on a generater system which we use on our UAV. You can find a lind to his web site on ours www.avitus.com.au.

Hi Simon,

Thank you for your info. what autopilot hardware and software do you use with your UAV ?

It is the power generator. When the engines are running, like in a car power is generated. When they are turned off, to keep on the lights and avionics in the cockpit they run. Since so much electricity is used a battery is not practical for a long time, just as a backup. Not all planes have APUs. Some smaller or older airliners like the 707 do not have one, so they plug in at the airport for power.

inverter brands

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