Does anyone have any experience supplying redundant power to the APM and receiver in case of a power module or battery failure?

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I use a Batshare which are essentially a couple Schottky diodes to feed two batteries into a single voltage regulator. It could also be used to feed 2 regulators into the APM. A Pixhawk can handle a failed regulator by using the servo bus if needed.

What's this batshare? I'm also interested about redundant power solution.

Is it a commercial product or DIY?

It is a commercial product, but I know make my own using a Schottky diode. The APM wiki actually explains how to build one under the section on redundant power supplies.

Thanks Iskess!
Now I got what I needed.

Just curious to see how users of Batshare are doing.  It looks like EXACTLY what i need!  Does it really work?    I love my pixhawk and Mission Planner, but I lost two BIG BIRDS a few years ago because of a single cell going down in flight.  I would love to make my pixhawk more like the DJI Matrice 600 and still operate when a battery goes down. Also, if not too much trouble, I can't find the section on redundant power supplies.

Hi, shottky diodes works better than common rectifier diodes but.. You have a power loss due to the voltage dropout (0,2-0,3V) We experienced a simple and good solution to limit the voltage dropout to 0,05 Volts (It's an ideal diode) rated up to 100A, so you can use it with power batteries also. Pease contact me if you want more info. Anyway, Batshare is a good product, but it is limited to 12A maximum and the voltage dropout is 0,47V!.


Hi i am abir.and i am new here. I want to make a foldable i ned some foldable drone desine or pdf please help me.

sorry things do not wok like that select an existing drone and adapt folding arms or joints most common joints are 25mm and 30mm arms and joints ! if you like to commission something custom please PM me .

Abir said:

Hi i am abir.and i am new here. I want to make a foldable i ned some foldable drone desine or pdf please help me.

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