I am putting an S1000 together with Pixhawk. On my Hex I'm using 200A Mauch but I'm unsure about the current draw on the S1000+ with 20,000 mah battery and possibly 2 20,000 mah batteries. If I go with 2 batteries I should probably have one power module for each battery and a hub. Pixhawk will also have backup power from bec on the receiver.

Anybody know what the power draw is on S1000 with that much weight would be?

Batteries will be Maxamps 22,000 6S 40C.

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Another question, I said backup power from receiver but I'm thinking this applies only to Pixhawk Mini. Regular Pixhawk backup power would go to servo rail.

Is that correct?
I would be interested to know what you ended up using, since I'm currently working on the same thing. Any tips would be much appreciated!
I have put 2 200A Mauch units with a Mauch hub. Wired up a splitter with spark proof connections to connect 2 batteries when needed. Our drone program is temperarly on hold while pilots are busy with some helicopter work. I flew the S1000 a couple of times in stabilize mode but have not completed tuning yet. Settings need to be pretty high it seems. I have 22A batteries from MaxAmps. I installed the long range telemetry radios from RFDesign, rfd900+. Using X8R receiver and Tetanus X9D.
I also have a Marco Polo tracker and some additional Frsky sensors for redundant telemetry. Passive current sensor, cell voltage sensor with led display, altitude sensor, variometer and gps.
The Mauch hub has their bec for power, voltage and current to the pixhawk pwr port. I have an additional bec from battery to the servo rail for backup power to the pixhawk.

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