Hi there!

I installed everything including the power module from HK and it showed the right reading in the Mission planner program.

But today, when I tried to reload a saved configuration from the hard drive into the MP it started to show a reading of 28 volt on a three cell battery. I reseted the APM and restarted the MP and it showed the right value for about a minute or so, then it started to show that high value again.

I have set it as "other" and "non 3dr" in the settings. Is that right?

I have not changed any values manually.

And another thing, why doesn't the MP reload saved parameters from the param-file? Even that I did save them I had to rewrite them all after reload.

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It helps if you mention which GS program you are using. I think it might be Mission Planner but your saying GS so its confusing.

Yes, my bad. You are right it is the mission planner I'm referring to.

Changing it.


Today when I started everything up to check the volt was about 3.8 V and after a coupl,e of minutes it got up to 32 V. Still a 3S battery. I changed the setting of the power module to APM 2.5 and 3dr and it landed on 12, 5V.

What is this? The same test yesterday did not give these results but today it does.

Furthermore, If I did not change the view in Mission Planner to the left most one and changed back, the settings did not stuck and it changed back to what it was before. This must clearly be a bug in MP. It would feel better if there where an "enter" button on all sides, not just the parameter ones with it's "write" button.

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