I am completely new to the world of hobby UAVs so apologies if this question sounds a bit trivial, but any help on the matter would be greatly appreciated.

I recently purchased a new ardupilot mega and oilpan. After soldering and downloading the software I am keen to connect my RC gear and get going, but am terrified of doing it wrong!

Firstly should I connect my receiver to the input channels on the Mega Board, and then connect my servos to the output channels.

However, if I then put attatch my battery and motor to the ESC, and connect that to the output channel of the Mega Board, will that operate correctly?

Again, apologise for the probably trivial question, if you need any additional information please comment.


Charles Winter.

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I need to know that i am not using power module and i want to power my APM 2.8 correctly 

the JP1 is ON and i am connecting all three pins (s,+,-) of my ESC BEC (5v,2A) to output pin 1 and for all other ESC's i am only connecting the signal wire because power from output pin1 will energize the complete output rail thats why for o/p pin no 2,3,4 i am only connecting white signal wire. but on interneti i have seen so many people connecting all three wire of every  esc to the ouput rail why they are doing this because they can power output 1 and for other other escs they should remove the +ve and negative  

and the same method i am using to power my reciever here i am connecting all threee wires (S,+,-) from input 1 to channel 1 of my RX. and for other channels i am only connecting the signal wire. so tell me that every thing is ok with my powering method .... Or tell me that if i use power module and remove the jp1 than for powering output rail i should use the same method or not .....  

UAgroV said:

Hi Charles,

your APM2 comes with a jumper (JP1) as shown here:


if its "On" your whole equipment would be powered by the output rail, normally from the ESC in chanell 3. Thats meens, all the power pins in output rail, all the power pins in input rail and APM will be in parallel, so the servos conected to output pins, your radio receiver conected to input pins and your APM will be powered by de motor ESC. This is the case you described so Yes, it would operate correctly.

If Jumper is off (open) your servos will operate powered by the ESC as allways, but your radio receiver and your APM2 will need another battery. It could be usefull for example if your motor and servos battery get empty and your aircraft couldn't return home you would be still having telemetry and position of it. Im sure there are many more cases but i dont imagine them.

Hope it will be usefull for you.

Have a nice fly.


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