Powering up ardupilot for the first time.

Hi AllI have one of the old ardupilots which I got before the 26th of Jan, not sure if this will effect anything. But on power up of the board the following happens: All the lights of the board comes on then the power light stays on and all the other lights start flashing in a sequence, not sure if this is a good or a badthing, can anybody help? (sorry very new to the game) Regards

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  • You're right Chris - it works ! Seems that my USB cable has a fault since the FTDI board would only be detected < half the time on connection; a spare cable cured the problem. Apologies are probably due to Sparkfun.
    Thanks for your comments.
  • thanks for all the advice, i need to get hold of someone in SA with a programmer to flash the Attiny chip, maybe someone knows someone who can help. Thanks
  • Hi all,
    My guess, Andre, is - don't worry ! I have recently received a board from the same batch and had the same result. After much head scratching I reasoned that this is most likely an in-built test sequence to show that it all works. If the powers that be know better please let us (both) know.
    My problem is I discovered that the Sparkfun FTDI Basic board doesn't seem to work with the Ardupilot - yes I read the note about using the Adafruit cable but hey come on at $14 v $20 I had to try the Spkfn one. I am now looking for bits to put an ICSP plug together.
    I also got an error message in Arduino:
    error: 'Altitude' was not declared in this scope In function 'void GPS()':
    when testing the latest code.
    Earlier code works fine.
    Is this a real error or have I missed something ?

  • Developer
    Yes everything is correct. But remember that the attiny is not working properly and you need to update the firmware. Also the atmega has nothing, you need to upload need code via the ftdi cable. That blinking LEDs are just to verefy the board is working properly.
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