I am using a JR 10sx with a Frsky module and PPM Rx.  The PPM stream that is output from the rx has the channels in the wrong order for using with the Arducopter code.  Is there a way to change the expected PPM channel order in the code??  I have looked through the forums and could not find any definitive answer.



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I have the same issue with a frsky D4r-II PPM...channels are all in wrong order. How do I change what channel is what on the APM2?

I haven't figured it out yet.  I do not know enough about programming to even know where to begin.  At this point I am just running the normal servo wires from rx to APM2.  Let me know if you ever figure it out.

I guess I'll have to go back to non-PPM also...I thought it would work just like the NAZE32 where I just use the terminal to set it to AETR or whatever, but I don't see any settings for that in APM planner.

I am having the same problem with my spektrum DX8. I am using a 433MHz Rangelink module and trying to use the PPM output from the receiver.

When I connected the PPM by following the wiki page - I got it working for the 8 channcls (Thanks Wiki page :D )

Except the signals are not in the correct order.

How do put the channels into the correct order?

And could it be written into the Mission Planner? so we could switch what each channel could do?

It would be amazing if 1 channel could be used for LEDs/Smoke/Gear or whatever.

Thanks for any assistance.

Yes, it would be nice to be able to do that, or assign the channels as you wish for what ever pupose,but so far our requests have gone unnoticed.  I even requested an enhancement in the wiki. At the moment I am using the standard non-ppm method of connecting to the reciever.  Me and a fellow modeler have tried changing the code in several places to get this to work but have had no luck. I am not a programmer, so it might be easy and I just don't know where to look.

I believe the PPM encoder on the APM is just passing the ppm signal thru to the APM, so i do not believe it has anything to do with this.  I would have thought the channel assignments would be called out in one location so that you could change it there and then it would be changed globally, but maybe that is not the case.  If it is the case I have not found where the assigning occurs.  If I do figure this out I will definitely post it here.  I would have thought one of the developers would at least chime in and say if it is possible or not, or where to look in the code.  Developers, are you llistening????  Hint Hint!!!  ;) 

Oh well, it flies the way I have it connected, but it would be nice to loose some of the wires.

Best regards,


Old thread but was there ever fixed?  I'm looking to move to EZUHF or RangeLink UHF and  wanted to use PPM of course. 

Does re-assigning channels on your radio not change what order they show up on the APM?  (i.e. I move throttle from channel 4 to channel 1 on my radio).

To my knowledge, this has not been implemented. I still fly with a wire for each channel. which is unfortunate.


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