PPM Input in UAV Dev Board (Coded And working!!!! with Failsafe!!!!)




Now I've Coded to read the PPM and tested, it's working fine! That means you only need one channel to read all the RC input so you have more 4 channels to play with!


In my case I'm going to use those available channels to read battery and airspeed! Nice!


The code is attached. I don't Know if it works for other receivers but for the FP-R127DF works fine!




Have anybody already coded the PPM input reading in the UAV Dev Board 2?

I've just started changing the PIC PWM parameters but I was wondering if anybody have already done that for me.

I hacked my futaba receptor on monday and I took some pictures of the signal. The component the demux the signal is the Dual 4-bit static shift register BU4015B / BU4015BF and the PPM signal comes in the clock pin. 

My receiver is 7ch but  only use 6, so I've cutted the 7th channel line and sniffed the clock pin in the 7th channel pin.

The picture of the signal is bellow, there was a post in wikipedia that explained everithing about PPM but I coundn't find it again. But I know that the signal goes from 0.5ms to 1.5ms in low logical state and there's a sync period in the end.

Any help is appreciated!


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Hi Rana, I used the 2.5.1 code.

But you don't need to thank me, this is a trade of information. Because of your thread about Zigbee that I could fly my 2.4GHz radio with 2.4GHz zigbee with no fear, cause you said that you've already tried it w/ success.

I have something coming up that's gonna change a lot in UDB, when it's ready i'll publish.
What's coming up is a Programmable Zigbee chip, that i'm integrating w/ the UDB to expand its functionallity.
But Yesterday my plane crashed after some 100 meters distance I think I lost radio signal cause the engine stoped. Unfortunatelly my foam fuselagem is gone, I'm planning to build a plywood one now.

So It's going to take a while to build up a new plane and test the new Zigbee.
Just to confirm that Carlito's code, with additions from Matt (Crashmatt) and Ben Levitt are now in the repository of MatrixPilot Trunk. So MatrixPilot now supports PPM inputs (this PPM board is tested) , releasing 2 of the original PWM inputs for general I/O; for example battery monitoring.

Many thanks Carlito.

I just checked PPM connection with Thomas Scherrer RC system on Graupner MC24. It works well :D
I'm so happy that this is becoming obsolete.

I even have all channels (1-9) doubled on RC rx. Mhmm, nice things are coming out ...

Thank you very much again Carlito, Matt and Ben.

Best regards,


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