Cannot arm my APM 2.6


Any ideas? Im at the club trying to fly.


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Hi I have the same problem ACRO_BAL_ROLL/PITCH did you fond solution for this issue ?

I was tuning the PID parameters and just to start on fine tuning this message appears !  Arming is only possible if Prearm check is disabled !

Yes it roll/pitch parameters are incorrect somehow.

Unfortunately, this community is dead. Your better off posting elsewhere like rcgroups or somwthing.

Im going to play around with the apm2.6 this weekend, if I find anything ill post back
Go to full parameter list, the first 2 parameters are ACRO_RATE_ROLL and ACRO_RATE_PITCH set these values to 0. This is the rate at which pitch and roll will stabalize in acro mode. Set to 0 to disable or set as desired. Once disabled you will be able to arm even with pre-arms enabled.

Yes I just did that last night and worked. From firmware version AC 3.0.1 they change this parameters from 0 to 1 but also there is some problem with the voltage sensing after AC 3.0.1 see my discussion on page

I am also having the same problem after months 4 months of flying my drone. I did have my drone in a cradle trying to get the PID's right the night before but the next day I got the message. Have you found anything else out sense then?

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