Predator UAV - what hardware / Is there any iPad/iOS related development going on?

Hi there

I'm totally new to the whole UAV topic. I'm a 24 years old student/Software engineer from Switzerland.

My vision is the following:

A fully autonom mini predator MQ1/MQ9 drone with video transmission to an iPad-based ground station.

For the hardware I think I found two frames:

Which one would you recommend (and why?) or are they any other better fitting?

I also learned that starting and landing is done by RC - why?

Also, after reading the How to begin I see I need the following equipment:


-APM electronics for fixed wings (do they fit in one of the predator frames?)

What is the difference between the kit or pre-assembled? I guess the kit a non-assembled version?



-Mission planer Software -> Does anybody know if there is a project going on for an iPad ground station? If so, I would like to contribute very much....

Thank you very much for helping a newbie

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Are you new to UAV autonomous flight or new to R/C in general?  That would be a very big difference on recommendations.

The second Pred is the enlarged version of the first one, as you can see it has a 2500mm wingspan which is huge and great for stable flight.  I've heard very good reviews on this model.  The model comes ARF without any hardware.  You would have to do some modding for camera and FPV.  The ARM would fit inside a smaller foamie so I know of no reason that it would not fit in this enormous plane.  

As for take off and landing via R/C, I believe (someone correct me if I'm wrong) but it is a very big no-no to take off and land autonomously.  I believe its a civilian UAV operator's unwritten (or written) rule to have positive control that close to ground. I too am a beginner in this field and would love to have the 2500mm Pred but do not trust myself with my flying yet.  Happy hunting and hope everything goes well.

- Hunter (PA-1266)

Oh, the APM kit:

The kit is non-soldered boards and plugs.  You need to put them together.

Pre-assembled is well, not to insult your intelligence, pre-assembled.  Comes Ready-to-Go.  

Hi Hunter

thanks for the information.

Jap, total beginner to both flying and uav. Although I have some connections to professional R/C flyers so flying itself in terms for example landing and take off wouldn't be the problem...

I just found that from valentin colon's page. O guess it's the 2500mm frame?

Don't you think FPV/video could fit into the camera-box on the bottom? I think with some servos it even could made to move.

Well you're right. 2500mm is a monster of a model plane. Is there no frame between those two? =)

Hehe yea I guessed so, just wanted to be sure as my english is not perfect (obviously ;-) )

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